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PATRONS | Spring 2018 23 PATRONS | Spring 2018 23 ATRON PROFILES I t's 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday and there's a school assembly vibe in the air. Hundreds stride quickly across Lakeshore Learning's 15-acre Carson campus into the employee lounge to cheer on the contenders—a half dozen employees lined up to play "Spin and Win," the company's own version of "Wheel of Fortune." Representing all types of jobs, from the mailroom to research and development, workers nominate their peers weekly based on their accomplishments to take a turn spinning for prizes including cash, theme park tickets and car detailing. Lakeshore Learning's block of corporate headquarter buildings emerge from Carson's industrial district as a small city. But in contrast to its sprawling campus, the weekly "Spin and Win" game is an example of how Bo Kaplan and his brother Josh Kaplan strive to maintain a certain close- knit feel at their family's longtime owned and operated business. "Lakeshore has three core values that guide everything we do: 1) taking care of our people; 2) taking care of our customers; and 3) making great products," Bo, Lakeshore's president and CEO, says. "We've always felt that if we devote our passion and our energy toward doing these things well, we'll be in good shape." Rooted in eir Values So far these values have served them well. Today Lakeshore Learning is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative educational materials for children—from infancy through sixth grade. Since Bo and Josh (president of merchandising) began leading the company in 2009, Lakeshore Learning has grown into a business with worldwide distribution, 60 retail stores nationwide and 2,500 employees in offices Play Together; Stay Together For the Kaplans, coming out on top means a willingness to always give more than they get. WRITTEN BY COLLEEN FARRELL | PHOTOGRAPHED BY LAUREN PRESSEY STUDENTS AT THE ON-SITE PRESCHOOL AT LAKESHORE LEARNING TEST OUT PRODUCTS FROM THE COMPANY'S OUTDOOR LEARNING LINE.

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