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LAUNCHPAD Packing Punch! PUNZON�� ENTERS THE RING���AND MIXOLOGISTS ARE KNOCKED OUT Punzon�� On-Premise Richard Boccato, owner of the Long Island City cocktail saloon Dutch Kills and an ardent Punzon�� advocate, has created a light of Punzon��-based cocktails, all remarkable melds of artisanal ingredients and Punzon�� Vodka. A strong favorite at this colorful local tavern is the Punzon�� Fizz. Punzon�� Fizz created by Richard Boccato at Dutch Kills, Long Island City, NY ��� 1�� oz. Punzon�� Vodka ��� �� oz. coffee liqueur ��� �� oz. Falernum ��� �� oz. ginger syrup ��� �� oz. fresh lemon juice ��� white of one egg ��� soda water ��� lemon twist and fresh espresso grounds ��� Mix ingredients (sans the soda water and espresso grounds) in a shaker. Dry-shake to blend the egg white. Add ice, shake and strain into a chilled 9 oz. water glass. Top with soda and spray with a lemon twist. Discard the twist and sprinkle espresso grounds on top. A fter six years of product development, numerous taste tests and extensive comparisons among the market���s most upscale vodkas, Punzon�� has appeared on the scene as an emerging luxury spirits brand. Punzon�� irst made its debut in New York City and New Jersey in July of 2012 with three products: organic ultra-premium Punzon�� Vodka, made from Italian-sourced wheat, and two ready-to-sip cocktails, Punzon�� Originale and Punzon�� Lemoncino. Making a stunning entrance with its soft, smooth texture, Punzon�� Vodka has a clean taste, relective of its no-additives proile. Punzon�� Originale is an exquisite fusion of Punzon�� Vodka enlivened with a balanced blend of Sangiovese sangria and natural blood orange essence. Punzon�� Lemoncino is a citrusy fusion of Punzon�� Vokda refreshed with a unique amalgam of white Chardonnay sangria and natural Sicilian lemon essence. Shattering all preconceptions of premixed cocktails, Punzon�� Originale and Punzon�� Lemoncino are both infused with an element of fresh lavor that sets them apart in any arena. Finding a footing in more than 70 establishments in just three months, Punzon��'s ultra-premium ���just add ice��� cocktails are versatile behind the bar, whether served on the rocks, straight up a shots or shaken and chilled as Martinis. Mixologists are wowed with the blends��� it���s not uncommon to ind bartenders pouring patrons cocktails straight out of the bottle���and love Punzon��'s creative possibilities. Punzon�� is the realization of New York���based Italian-American entrepreneur Frank Guerrera. The brand irst began in Guerrera���s modest kitchen as a punch, called punzon�� in Italian. ���I had been making the Originale for my family and friends in my home for so long,��� Guerrera says, ���that they encouraged me to put it in a bottle. So I inally did, and I called it Punzon�����my own version of organic, Italian punch.��� Earlier this year, Punzon�� was awarded the prestigious Five-Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, the irst ultrapremium vodka and organic product to receive this top honor. Keep your eyes on this up-and-coming brand that really packs punch! ���Nina Chadha december 2012 / the tasting panel / 85

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