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and learning all I could about the spirit. Last year, my dad and I went back to Scotland and went up to the Gleniddich distillery. That sort of tied it together for me,��� Allardice says, adding that he���s even apprenticed at the iconic distillery in Dufftown. ���When a Brand Ambassador position came open for the central region, I truly wanted it.��� These days, Allardice is on the road fairly often, but whenever he returns to Dallas he still loves to play soccer. (Although, with his Scottish accent, he pronounces it football.) He���s played competitively in various countries, and still plays for an indoor league on Thursdays and an outdoor league on Sundays. And if by chance there is a soccer ball nearby, he���ll play just about anywhere. He heads out to the street, where Austin is in the midst of welcoming thousands of fans for its irst Formula One race. Despite the frenzy, Allardice shows off his skills, and talks about his other passion: music. ���I���ve been DJing since I was about 17,��� he says. So it���s not unusual for him to take his ambassador duties to a club or lounge, where the house music is thumping and the crowd is younger. For these scenes, he might even slip into his musical pseudonym, ���David Paradise,��� especially if he gets the opportunity to work the turntables. The moniker is one he���s adopted for his music production gigs, which, not surprisingly, was a result of a pronunciation lub. ���I was in a bar in Chicago many years ago and I met this girl, who didn���t quite understand me when I said my name was Allardice. She thought I said David Paradise. I thought about it for a minute and decided that it would do just ine.��� Considering how his life is progressing as a brand ambassador, ���Paradise��� isn���t too far away from the truth. december 2012 / the tasting panel / 69

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