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from the editor contributors As much of the country is still shivery with snow and chilly temps, we here in SoCal are some of the few who can en- joy the beach in flip-flops in February. And the daylight is getting noticeably longer as we head toward the Spring- time! The Vernal Equinox will be here in the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at exactly 9:15 am Pacific Time. This issue we asked a few of our talented contributors to share their thoughts about this question: With the days getting brighter and the Spring Equi- nox right around the corner, what do you do to stay in BALANCE? Or, with our ever-increasingly busy, technolo- gy-driven days is the idea of balance really a just a myth? Teresa Bergen (Pg. 24) As a writer, I spend a lot of time — probably too much — sitting at a desk. So I schedule physical activities on my old-fashioned wall calendar, things like yoga, spin class, and hiking. Then when anybody asks me to do work at those times I claim "prior appoint- ments." I also like to rest my brain at Catholic mass, zoning out amongst the statues, incense, candles, and music. My jaw dropped when I heard my phone ringing — from inside the freezer. Apparently while putting away the groceries, I placed it on a box of veggie burgers and happily shut the door. Time for less technology, more nature. Three ways I rebalance? Nature journaling (grabbing a tiny sketchbook and heading to the ocean or Ballona Creek); Reading about nature (anything by naturalist John Muir usually works); Taking in nature (literally via aromatherapy). Thea Fiore-Bloom, Ph.D. (Pg. 27) In the springtime, one fi nds joy in the garden. There is a smell of newness in the air. New blossoms are appearing everywhere, as nature begins its cycle anew. We stand at the balance between winter with its long silent nights and the long warming days of summer yet to be discovered. Today, I drink in the fra- grance of white fl owering narcissus volunteering in the garden. Namaste. Kathy Vilim (Pg. 8) The space between light and dark, joy and suffering, sweet and bitter is where balance lives. Leaning towards the midpoint, the still quiet inner space, where judgment falls away and sometimes we can hear, glimpse that tenderness of the divine in our own body. The more we seek these small moments out in the mundane of our life, the more that balance shifts from being an idea, to a true measure of every interaction. Wendy Strgar (Pg. 14 ) Greetings Dearest Readers ~ Welcome to our February / March issue! Happy Valentine's Day and a joyous Spring Equinox to you all! We strive to bring you healthy, transformational, inspirational content and this edition of Whole Life Times is no exception! We hope you enjoy it. Cannabis – Prohibition is over! Whether you partake recre- ationally, medicinally, or not at all, the laws are shifting and the times they are a changin'. We'll aim to bring you up-to-date in- formation as we navigate this wild ride with laws, policies, who's allowed, what's allowed, and more. Very special thanks and gratitude go out to contributor Sunny Chayes for the hours upon hours she spent interviewing, com- piling, and writing our information-packed story about cannabis. Please do consider taking time with this article. By legalizing can- nabis, it's one step in the direction of a much bigger picture. How will legalization affect civil rights and social justice especially to those in marginalized communities? It may offer a brighter future so someone who partakes in Mother Earth's natural gifts is not locked up behind bars for years simply because they responsibly enjoyed a plant. We've spoken with policymakers, experts, heads of govern- mental agencies, and cultural philosophers, all in an effort to bring you the most relevant information about the new laws and how they may affect us. We are not condemning or condoning ei- ther way, and all of our experts agree, always be responsible and consider "safety fi rst" for yourself and those around you. If we are smart and get this one correct, California will lead the way in drug policy reform! Imagine the greater freedom this allows. Daily, we see ideas and measures put forth to the masses which may not always align with our belief systems of freedom and equality—How can we meet these circumstances? By shining our inner light even brighter! Angelenos shined brightly once again at this year's Women's March in DTLA. More than 700,000 of us showed up in solidarity to stand with our sisters around the world and the men who join us. Very inspiring indeed! The Spring Equinox, the day and night of perfect balance, is on the way. What do you do to maintain balance? If it includes na- ture, we are certainly blessed here in SoCal with gorgeous beach- es, deserts, and plenty of hiking. If you are looking to meet like-minded people and gather with the tribe, the ever-popular Conscious Life Expo will be back at the Hilton LAX in mid-Feb. This weekend will be fi lled with workshops, panel discussions, speakers, fi lms, food, exhibitors, and FUN! And, please consider supporting our valuable advertisers. They are the thread within our community. These vital practitioners and small businesses are working to provide conscious products and services. Please support them and all the good work they do. And let them know you saw them in Whole Life Times! Stop by and say "Hello" at the Expo! We are slated to be up- stairs by the "Green Carpet" photo area. We look forward to meeting you in person and hearing your ideas. With Love & Blessings for an Abundant, Healthy, and Vibrant Spring ~ 6 wholelifetimes.com

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