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from the editor contributors As we wrap up this upside-down year of 2017, we look forward to what the new year may bring. We asked a few of our contributors to consider this question and share their reflections: "During this holiday season, the new year summons thoughts of the future.... Do you have a favorite success (or not-so-successful) resolution story and will you set any new goals beginning in 2018?" Peter Manning Robinson (Pg. 34) I am deeply appreciative for the support I have received this year for my concerts with my invention, The Refractor Piano™. I am particularly proud of a series of song interpretations I did for my Facebook Live broadcasts because for many years, I refused to play anyone else's music. By challenging myself to break my self-imposed rule, my music and I grew and expanded, and my viewership jumped tenfold! Every New Year's Eve I gather old magazines, a poster board, some glue, a pair of scissors, and I create a vision board. New Year's Eve 2016 I cut out the words "Mr." and "Mrs." and glued them on my board. In February 2016, my longtime beau proposed and in July 2016 we got married. This was a very successful New Year's resolution! For 2018, I plan to manifest a house! Malena Metz (Pg. 15) Last year I followed a New Year's resolution to its completion. Days get busy and after many years' absence, I made it a goal to get back to see my elderly parents, and I am so glad I did! It was as if no time had passed, yet felt like things had moved on, too. This new year, if you have been putting off taking the time to visit elderly parents, I'd encourage you to make a resolution to do so. Kathy Vilim (Pg. 8) Five years ago, I made the resolution to start my resolutions on my personal New Year's Day, February 1st. January is my transition month when I dive profoundly into what I want the following year to be. I love it! January 1st felt too soon! I even create New Year's Eve on January 31st complete with "letting go" rituals. The fi rst day of February is fi lled with celebration and mani- festation rituals with lots of fun. It works for me! Sunny Chayes (Pg. 20 ) Greetings Dearest Readers ~ Happy Holidays! This marks the time of year we hear the oh-so-familiar clichés — My how fast this year has gone…. Hard to believe another holiday season is upon us…. Can you imagine that 2018 is just around the corner?... It seems true that each year is accelerated compared to the last. How was your year? We have so much to be grateful for in the beautiful city where we reside. Whether seaside, desert, or mountains, we are blessed to be in Los Angeles. December brings us the Winter Solstice here in this hemi- sphere — the darkest night leads us to the return of the Light! Share time with family and friends if you can this season. Or just go on a solo venture. Take a moment to refl ect and consider how you'd like next year to be…. This past one, especially here in the US, has been fi lled with unexpected twists and violence at un- precedented levels. Circumstances remind us of the importance of staying grounded, especially with the rush of the holidays. Let's take extra time for one another and go into our heart space more, especially when waiting in long lines and fi ghting hectic traffi c. When you are out and about visiting friends and possibly pur- chasing holiday gifts, pls consider supporting our advertisers. They are a most valued part of our community and especially this publication. We strive to bring you stories and articles from thought-leaders and wisdom teachers. By supporting their es- tablishments, purchasing their products, and experiencing their services, we can continue to grow our community and keep one another lifted. Take a moment from the hustle and bustle and thoughtfully read our interview with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Perhaps you've seen his TED talks, his speech at the UN, or his interview on Bill Maher. At age 17, he shares his profound native wisdom as a young Earth Guardian with our readers. Resolving to feel more energized in the new year? For an en- lightening article about thyroid health, read our piece about the importance of iodine. Inexpensive and available, it could be a solution for shaking off that sluggish feeling. And, it goes with- out saying, always be sure to discuss options with your healthcare practitioner fi rst. Looking for a seasonal escape? Check out our piece on quaint Grand County, Colorado, and the snowy Rockies. It's just a quick fl ight away. For another idea to experience winter's wonderland, you could stay local and head up toward Lake Arrowhead for Santa's Village. Complete with elves, cookies, hot cocoa, (and hot toddies!) and of course Mr. and Ms. Claus, holiday festivities abound! Perfect magic for this time of year! This issue is also fi lled with music and rejoicing — Kitaro, Pe- ter Manning Robinson, Mavis Staples — all inspiring and fi ercely talented musicians making a difference culturally in the entertain- ment and artistic fi elds. What types of stories would you like to see in the upcoming year? Write to us. Let us know. We'd love to hear from you — editor@wholelifemagazine.com. Be sure to sign up for our digital edition and newsletter on our website. It's completely free and we are thoughtful about the amount of email we send. Visit www.wholelifetimes.com. Very best wishes to you, dearest readers, for a peaceful, healthy, prosperous holiday season and 2018. Pls know how much we appreciate you! May you have the happiest of holidays! Enjoy this time of year…and the return of the Light! With Love and Best Wishes ~ 6 wholelifetimes.com

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