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6 ADVOCATE | SUMMER 2017 at the capitol t was a difficult session for Arizona public schools during this legislative session, from the continued funding struggles, the passage of universal vouchers, and the watering down of the professional teaching standards. Arizona educators took several hits from the legislative majority, the governor and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. This legislative wrap up report compiles the good, the bad and the ugly that came out of the legislative session and what educators can expect from the passage of specific laws that AEA tracked as priority legislation. The Good In partnership with legislators on both sides of the aisle, the AEA pushed a proactive legislative agenda to alleviate some of the burdens that educators face at the local level. Based on feedback from our members, we know that teachers are not only frustrated with low compensation, there are several work environment issues that you face in your schools daily. We heard you loud and clear on two big issues: delayed pay at the beginning of the school year and teacher evaluations. Through several stakeholder meetings and dialogue with legislators, we successfully passed two bills that will alleviate the financial burden of delayed pay at the beginning of the school year and reduce the weight of high- stakes testing on teacher evaluations. AEA Bill Passed HB2370 (school employees; payment of wages) • Requires school district to pay wages within 7 days of the end of the pay period, instead of delaying payment for a two week pay period cycle. • Allows contracted employees (certified employees) to receive wages in equal prorated payments and be paid beginning with the first pay period that the employee works. • Implementation date will be June 30, 2018. Districts will have 17 months to implement new processes for payroll. • Governor signed into law April 26, 2017. Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Bills AEA Supported and Passed SB1052 (ASRS; optional retirement benefits; overpayment) • Allows ASRS to not allow payment of a distribution amount through a partial lump sum rollover, if a member has received an overpayment, and instead allows direct payment to the member. SB1053 (ASRS; board powers) • Allows ASRS Board to determine long term disability and transfer rights, in addition to retirement benefits. HB2166 (ASRS; return to work) • Requires employers to pay an alternate contribution rate behalf of a retired member who returns to work with an ASRS employer in any capacity. HB2167 (ASRS; contributions; adjustments) • The ASRS proposed changes conform to Internal Revenue Code restrictions as it relates to employer overpayments of contributions as well as employee underpayment of contributions. HB2168 (ASRS; reinstatement; contribution amounts) • Modified language in A.R.S. § 38-742 to indicate a member reinstating their service must repay the amount the "ASRS paid" rather than the amount the "member received." Bills AEA Opposed and Killed Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) HB2010 (ASRS; political subdivisions) • Removes employees of political subdivisions from being eligible for participation in ASRS. Arizona Ballot Initiative Process HB2255 (ballot measures; contributions; nonresidents; prohibition) • Makes it illegal for individuals and businesses who do not reside in Arizona to contribute money in support or opposition to ballot measures. • It is aimed at committees organized "for the purpose of influencing a ballot measure" but allows out-of-state resident to continue giving to political candidates and their campaign committees. HB2320 (ballot measures; proposition 105 disclosures) • Requires that ballots and advertisements of ballot measures include disclaimer that legislature will not be able to modify the measure without a threefourths vote or another ballot referral. 2017 Arizona Legislative Wrap Up The good, the bad, and the ugly By AEA Lobbyist Stephanie Parra

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