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SUMMER 2017 | ADVOCATE 5 Member Talk VOICE YOUR VIEWS Readers are encouraged to state opinions or make comments in letters that will be considered for publication in this column. The editor reserves the right to edit lengthy letters representing a balance of viewpoints. Generally, letters will not be published without the names of their writers and local associations. Send letters to: "Member Talk" AEA Advocate 345 East Palm Lane Phoenix, AZ 85004 Contact sheenae.shannon@ WRITE US! n Time to Take a Stand ur team undertook the Save Our Schools referendum on SB1431 as a chance for parents and teachers to send a clear message to our Legislature that funding our schools has to be a priority. We fought ESAs (or vouchers by another name) because our schools cannot afford to lose our already scarce funds to well-off private schools. Our neighborhood schools are struggling under massive cuts, and teachers and kids are feeling the burden, while our Legislature continues slashing education funding. As teachers, there comes a point when we have to ask, "When do we stop taking the abuse? When are we going to take a stand - for our kids and for our profession?" Until we stand up, mobilize, and educate others about the issues, nothing will change. So, we now have a volunteer army that is informed and ready to advocate for our kids. I think this next Legislative session will look different, with many more teachers coming down to the Capitol to stand up for their students. And in 2018, Arizona will elect a Legislature that actually looks out for the 95% of our families who choose public schools - not just one that says it does. Beth Lewis Tempe Elementary Education Association member and Save Our Schools Arizona Chairwoman O

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