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october/november 2015 33 The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People — Available Wherever Books Are Sold — Learn more at InnerTraditions.com • 800-246-8648 Sacred Geometry of Nature Journey on the Path of the Divine Francene Hart Francene Hart, whose artwork is featured in the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path, recounts the evolution of her art from her formative influences to her masterful integrations of Nature, Spirit, and Sacred Geometry in this lavishly illustrated memoir. — NEW RELEASE — $35.00 • Hardcover Full-color throughout ISBN 978-1-59143-273-9 • Sizzling Getaways • Seaside Page-turners • Max Your Relax • Abundant Living • Outdoor Healthy You Ad Space Reservation: 5/19 Ad Artwork Due: 5/23 On the Street: 6/1 Plus food, yoga, health tips, sustainability, conscious living, and much more! 310.425.3056 sales@wholelifemagazine.com JUNE/JULY Hot Fun in the Summertime art & soul By Judith Orloff, M.D. F or highly perceptive and sensitive people, Dr. Judith Orloff's timely The Empath's Surviv- al Guide is a welcome respite from the often chaotic "real world." Re- plete with skills and strat- egies to prevent energy burnout, it also serves as a wellspring of comfort and encouragement for those struggling with empathic sensitivities. The world is not yet an enlightened place, compassionate to the energetic sensitivities of the empath who becomes overburdened by the constant download- ing of subtle energies around them. Often regarded as "over-sensitive," the empath senses others' energy and emotions, taking them on as their own, creating a destruc- tive dilemma that results in anxiety and fatigue. Dr. Orloff wants empaths to thrive, and offers the tools necessary to prevent energetic burnout: self-protection exercises, vi- sualizations, affi rmations, and self-assessments. Her book illuminates the scientifi c research that supports neurologi- cal, emotional, and electromagnetic connections with em- pathic people. They absorb energies—big, small, positive, negative—because of their reactive neurological systems. Dr. Orloff, herself an empath, provides a brilliant yet simple explanation of the empath's experience: They feel things fi rst, then think. Empathic members of our society don't necessarily have it easy. With everything from parties to traveling to work environments to relationships, empaths often have a tough road to navigate. Obstacles abound, and Dr. Orloff, with compassion, insight, and understanding, will help them steer through wisely. Readers learn about the various types of empaths and how to discover if they or any family mem- bers are empathic. Understanding and accepting the em- path's role and how to manage it is essential. They perceive the world in multilayered ways; certainly that has its chal- lenges, yet there are advantages. Awakened sensitivities and expanded intuition help the empath tune into wider perceptions. It is okay to be sensitive, so embrace your em- pathic nature as the profound gift that it is. —Ashley Ess BOOKS april/may 2017 33

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