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February / March 2017

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Transilvania { }  71 Landing in Cluj-Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania, then traversing the storybook hillsides before arriving at a 16th-century castle to find my room at the top of the left tower of the astounding architectural feat came as close to a real-life fairytale as any experience I have lived. Jidvei wines hosted us for three days of discovery—a hospitable, highly educational, enchanting experience. Romania, by geographic location alone, has a complicated past with many eras of occupa - tion by other ruling bodies. Although this has created a difficult road for the country at times, it has also given the culture immense diversity. The language itself is a Romance language with Latin roots but also picks up terms from the Russian, Turkish and Hungarian languages. Both the Romans and the Saxons grew grapes here in the course of its history, and the current feel in Romania is one of overt contentment with their independence. Trailblazers in Transilvania JIDVEI AIMS FOR QUALITY WINE AND A THRIVING COMMUNITY by Ayson Gorsuch / photos by Dustin Downing Heading back to our humble abode, Bethlen-Haller Castle, amidst rush-hour traffic in Jidvei, after an exploration-filled day of vineyards and winery facilities in Transilvania.

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