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August/September 2012

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HOT OFF THE PRESS... New & Notable in Print Your Dog Is Your Mirror The Emotional Capacity of Our Dogs and Ourselves Kevin Behan It's often been remarked that people physically resemble their dogs, but what about their personalities? Author Kevin Behan makes a credible case that owners, reacting from their subconscious animal conscious- ness (the same consciousness that informs a dog) and wholly unknown to themselves, commu- nicate even unrecognized emotion to their pets on that animal level. Thus, a dog is "a living, walking, breathing sonogram of the emo- tional dynamic within its owner." Those who have problematic dogs will either snarl or bound in joy at discovering their problem pets are simply manifesting the group (master and dog) energy, and that resolving the emotional conflict in the human master will do the same for the dog. Either way, it's an illuminating read. (New World Library) The Confident Creative Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind Cat Bennett Painting and drawing seem like esoteric talents, possessed by only a few. We're all familiar with at least some of the great art masterpieces, and perhaps it is in comparing ourselves that we diminish our own abilities. Author Cat Bennett maintains that we are all creative—certainly as children we don't hesitate to smear finger paints with abandon—but at some point lose faith in our own creative abilities, on paper or oth- erwise. Through specific exercises designed to nurture the imagina- tion and free the mind and hand, Bennett can guide even the most hesitant "I can't draw" artist into a regular "practice" that can be both freeing and expressive. Ben- nett's basic guidelines will have you off and drawing in no time. (Findhorn Press) The Complete Life of Krishna Based on the Earliest Oral Traditions and the Sacred Scriptures Vanamali Kirtan chants repeat the name of Krishna a seemingly infinite number of times, but how many chanters know who Krishna is? Vanamali, a leading Krishna expert from a long line of prominent devotees, has penned the first book in English or Sanskrit (if you prefer) to cover the range of his life, from god-child to prankster, playful lover to divine ruler, hero to Supreme Being. Drawing from the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts, the author explains how Krishna became a mahayogi, the greatest of all yogis, with complete mastery over himself and nature. On whatever level you receive these stories, they are a valuable meditative tool, full of delight and wisdom. (Inner Traditions) 7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality The Hippocrates Institute Guide to Sex, Health, and Happiness Brian R. Clement, PhD and Anna Maria Clement, PhD If 90 is the new 60, as some media suggest, and if sex is as es- sential to our health and well-being as we've been told, we'd darn well better figure out how to keep ourselves sexy. The Hippocrates Institute is world-renowned for holistic health, and these two staffers—certified nutritionists, naturopathic medical doctors and health counselors—here share their clinically tested holistic approach to experiencing the benefits of intimacy. No drugs required, but a number of ostensible aphrodisiacs including healthy foods and such surprises as the scent of breast milk. Included is plenty of practical advice and information as well as a resource guide. Hippocrates is based in Florida, and it's difficult to imagine any place in the U.S. better suited for research into long- life sexuality. (New World Library) 28 wholelifetimesmagazine.com

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