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comes a book that pick s up where BL EEP l ef t of f. From the Creator of S U R P R I S E ! Not really. Rather it's a 90 degree turn into the doorways of the Mystical. It's not a Proof of these unseen Worlds – it's an Experience. "The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is a road map of insight, poetry, breathtaking photographs and humor in a thoroughly enjoyable combination." – Jack Canfi eld Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul ® "This is an extraordinary journey for the soul, a breath taking book. A must read during these uncertain times. "Surprises" is a book of hope for our world." – Donna Karan Fashion icon BookOfSurprises.com Available on Amazon and where fi ne books are sold. DEIRDRE HADE Words & Wisdom WILLIAM ARNTZ Concept & Creation ENDRE BALOGH Photos & Images "I'VE ALWAYS been into self-dramatization. I intend to live forever. I hope we can do this again. I in- tend to stick around until 120." Leonard Cohen at record release party for his latest album, commenting about The New Yorker interview. Cohen passed away on Nov 7th. (Billboard, 10/14) "THIS GOVERNMENT HONORS inter- national treaties like they are the Holy Grail, but within our own homeland they fi nd ways to break them. They consider us a stakeholder, but we're a nation. We would hope and pray they would understand that and consider a more for- mal government to government relationship with the tribe rather than treat us as a stakeholder." Standing Rock Sioux chairman David Archambault, who under the treaties and American law is the head of a domestic sovereign nation. (The Washington Post, 11/25) "I AM ONLY 14-YEARS-OLD and I don't want to die but I know I am going to die. I think being cryo-preserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up — even in hundreds of years' time." A letter from a girl with terminal cancer to a UK judge who ruled to allow her body to be fl own to the US to be frozen. (CNN.com, 11/18) "TRUMP WILL BE ABOUT THE only head of state who does not believe in climate science or the responsibility of his government to act. This makes the Bush-Cheney administration look like it came from an envi- ronmental training camp." Michael Brune, executive direc- tor of the Sierra Club, which signed up more members in the week after Trump won the election than during the rest of 2016 combined. (The Los Angeles Times, 11/25) "HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY now. Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean, cuz, remember, no matter where you go, there you are." Buckaroo in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension "EVERYTHING WORTH DOING takes time. You have to write a hundred bad songs before you write one good one. And you have to sacrifi ce a lot of things that you might not be prepared for. Like it or not, you are in this alone and have to follow your own star." Musician Bob Dylan on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. (theguard- ian.com, 10/28) "I AM READY TO DIE. I hope it's not too un- comfortable. That's about it for me." Musician Leonard Co- hen during an interview with The New Yorker editor David Remnick, discussing fi nishing his recent album. (theguard- ian.com, 10/12) W O RT H R E P E AT I N G "WE HAVE ALL THE POWERS we had of lobbying and pressuring and making clear that the po- litical consequences are great. We may look up and feel powerless and think there's nothing we can do, but it's not true. There are things we can do at each level. And there's always civil disobedience." Activist Gloria Steinem speak- ing at an Annie Leibovitz exhibition the day after Trump was elected. (thedailybeast.com, 11/17) 12 wholelifetimes.com

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