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POSTING EPISODIC TV 22 POST OCTOBER 2016 Fall Guys (and Girls) T he 2016-17 television season is off to a fast start with MacGyver chasing international villains, Timeless pursuing an evil time traveler, Westworld show- ing the past through a robotic future, Designated Survivor hunting for the perpetrators of the ultimate conspiracy, and the Lethal Weapon buddies hot on the heels of the bad guys. How does post production keep up with so much action? MACGYVER His mullet may be gone but low-tech solutions are still the signature of the 21st century MacGyver. The original series featuring the secret US government op- erative wrapped almost 25 years ago, but Angus MacGyver is back on CBS, demon- strating his flair for creative problem solving in today's high-tech world. The team from the long-running reboot of Hawaii Five-0 is behind the new MacGyver. "They coined the term 'reimagining,'" for their revived shows, says pro- ducer Peter Tassler. "MacGyver keeps the central identity of the people and the heart of the concept but retools it for another generation. The nature of TV today is a little more sophisticated than it was 25 years ago. The look is slicker and much more cinematic — there are more explosions and jeopardy in Episode 1 than in full seasons of many shows. The first episode, from Furious 7 director James Wan, could be shown in any theater as a big action movie. But MacGyver is still all about the story and the characters — Mac takes us along for the ride." The show is shot in Atlanta, which dou- bles for southern California and the world. It's captured on multiple Arri Alexa cam- eras plus GoPro, the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and Alexa Mini as the action adventure scenarios dictate. Post production is based on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles. At Company 3 Atlanta, Nicholas The new TV season premieres with reboots and new takes on thrillers and chillers BY CHRISTINE BUNISH The cast of CBS's MacGyver

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