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MUSIC VIDEOS 16 POST AUGUST 2016 hile MTV pioneered the music video format back in the '80s, today, many people complain that the net- work 'doesn't play enough music!' Its programming line up has defi nitely changed over the years (The Real World essentially created the reality-TV genre) and so, too, has the music video business as a whole. For years, Post has been hearing that there's no money to be had in the business of producing and posting music videos. Budgets have eroded down to almost nothing, yet expectations remain as high as ever. "They have no money and there are kids who want to make these things on their iPhone for the record company — and it looks like it too," says Dean Karr, a director who's witnessed the downturn fi rst hand. "I wish it could all come back. It's like a lost art form. It's sad that it's gone to the kids." While MTV may be off ering less air time for music videos these days, there are still plenty of other outlets for musicians to share their work, be it on social media, YouTube or their own branded Website. A number of artists have explored virtual reality as a new format for expressing their art, and with camera rigs and post workfl ows evolving, we expect to see even more of that in the months ahead. This month, Post looks at the production and post of a number of music videos spanning a range of musical genres. Read on to get insight into the challenges presented in each, and visit the Post Website to view them — and other music videos — in their entirety. W This visual format is a creative outlet for both recording artists & content producers BY MARC LOFTUS

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