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PRODUCTS: NAB 2016 PREVIEW 45 POST MARCH 2016 SAM TO OFFER 4K, IP, HDR, SOFTWARE/ VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTIONS NEWBURY, UK — Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will show a host of 4K, IP, HDR, software/virtualization technologies and solutions for monitoring and workflow at this year's NAB. For the post market, the company ( will be showing its Quantel Rio color, editing, and finishing tool, already gaining momentum in the high-end post market with systems deployed for 8K finishing. The company will highlight Rio's HDR and wide color gamut features, its brand new interface, enhanced Avid integration, and accurate cloud tracker, well suited for long-form grading sessions in both TV finishing and post. SAM's Alchemist XF standards converter will also be on display, now offering support for 4K and HDR material and several times faster than realtime processing for HD content. For cost effective realtime 4K conversion, SAM is introducing the UHD1000, the latest addition to the popular KudosPro signal processing range. TELESTREAM ENHANCES VANTAGE PLATFORM'S WORKFLOW NEVADA CITY, CA — At NAB 2016, Telestream ( will unveil major new functionality for its Vantage media processing platform. This enterprise-class transcoding and workflow automation software allows content owners, producers and distributors to quickly, easily and efficiently ingest, edit, transform, package, monetize and distribute their media. The Vantage platform is based on a flexible, service-oriented architecture that is made up of discrete services and connectors that combine to create powerful automated workflows — all in a single, unified system. Visitors to the Telestream booth at NAB 2016 will see enhanced workflows for Vantage that enable fast, efficient decision-making and processing within Vantage's file-based workflow engine. Processes can now start generating output before file ingest is completed. Actions that previously processed files sequentially will execute in parallel, along with powerful analysis and logic producing the fastest output available. NUGEN TO DEMO UPDATES TO POST AUDIO TOOLS NEW YORK — At the 2016 NAB Show, Nugen Audio ( will demonstrate the latest updates to its family of post and broadcast audio tools. Nugen will unveil the Halo Upmix Stereo to 9.1 Option, which allows the introduction of vertical positioning into the upmix, generating a 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed track-com- patible upmix. Available in Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats, Halo Upmix automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround, downmix-com- patible upmix with unique center channel management and spatial density controls. The Halo Upmix 9.1 option will be available in April, with pricing to be announced. Nugen is also offering a number of new updates for its Loudness Management Batch (LMB) pro- cessor. These updates include improved LRA correction speed for the DynApt Extension and wider file format support for the ProRes ex- tension, which now supports .MOV files using Version 2 descriptors and those with the LPCM format flag. Channel support for LMB processor is now increased from 16 to 32 channels when advanced routing is used for both the MXF extension and ProRes extension. These updates are available at no charge to current owners. Nugen will also be demonstrating a comprehensive new Adobe Premiere integration for its LM-Correct 2 loudness quick-fix tool. This integration brings the same loudness management workflow to Adobe Premiere that Avid users have been using with LM-Correct 2. Using Adobe's Common Extensibility Platform (CEP), Nugen has created a fully integrated CEP panel for LM-Correct 2. The Adobe Premiere integration is free for all existing LM- Correct 2 users. BLUEFISH444 DELIVERS DRIVER UPDATE FOR ADOBE, AVID & ASSIMILATE SOUTH MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Bluefish444 ( is announcing the immediate availability of a Windows driver update, adding significant 4K and 2K stereo features for SDI and HDMI workflows involving Adobe, Avid and Assimilate. The Epoch | 4K Neutron range of products has been upgraded to support the two-sample interleave 4K video mode. SMPTE 425-5 is the industry stan- dard for Quad Link 3Gbps SDI, employing two-sample interleave and sup- ported by the industry's SDI-equipped camera and monitor manufacturers. The Windows upgrade adds 4K HDMI 30fps video and audio preview via the Epoch | 4K Neutron range for inexpensive 4K monitoring NLE and graph- ics workflows. It also delivers a new synchronization feature for the Epoch | 4K Neutron Turbo and Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ Turbo. A proprietary signal locks Bluefish444 hardware together ensuring synchronous 4K Quad Link SDI playback eliminating the need for external synch signals simplifying and lowering the cost of 4K SDI reference monitoring. The Windows 4K SDI/HDMI upgrade for use with Bluefish444 and Adobe CC and Avid Media Composer 8.4 running Windows includes such new features as: support for SMPTE 425-5 4K SDI 2 sample interleave format; 4K HDMI preview up to 30fps; and HDMI audio playout. For Assimilate Scratch 8, the upgrade includes a number of new features and improvements with Bluefish444, including extend- ed stereoscopic support from HD 24-30fps to 2K/ HD 24-60fps; support for Quad Link 4K SDI 425-5 2 sample interleave format, and 4K HDMI Preview up to 30fps. Bluefish444 Windows install- er 5.13.2 is immediately avail- able from the Bluefish444 homepage; Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ range and Epoch | 4K Neutron range are available from autho- rized Bluefish444 distribu- tors and resellers worldwide.

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