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WEAKNESSES: "That said, you have to be careful not to dilute the creative content with an all-in-the-box mentality. You have to know the scope of the work and the budget and when to leverage one person with multiple skills and when to get other talent involved. A project's sensibilities don't always allow you to tackle every- thing with an all-in-the-box approach." OPPORTUNITIES: "There's been an ex- plosion of diverse content needs: social marketing campaigns, longer format projects, integrated campaigns, tradition- al needs. It's still about storytelling but in different ways. "Alkemy X has found an opportunity in more self-produced original fiction and non-fiction content for networks. This leverages our existing post production disciplines and creative. We've set our- selves up to do a lot of different content for disparate sources." THREATS: "There's a threat in projects being pulled away from the independent creative community and taken in-house or mandated to a corporate- or agen- cy-owned entity. We're pushing hard to show that we can bring more to the table when we collaborate with an agency on their creative vision." OUTLOOK FOR 2016: "We should be ready for all kinds of content opportuni- ties — more digital, promos, integrated marketing. Agencies are continuing to be asked by their clients to provide more in less time. So we need to be a source of creative and efficient solutions, a collabo- rative partner. This business is still about relationships, and you have to prove you're a valuable resource." ROBERT M. MALACHOWSKI, JR., ACE Supervising Editor The Voice NBC TV Robert M. Malachowski, Jr. has been with NBC's Emmy Award-winning The Voice since it began; Seasons 9 and 10 are in post now with Season 9 airing and Sea- son 10 premiering in February. STRENGTHS: "Something that's a strength for television is also proving to be a weakness for us: 2K, 4K and 6K cam- eras shoot absolutely gorgeous pictures, but they're killing us in post. There's so much material — file sizes are huge, and we have an incredibly tight turn around. We've had to revamp the entire workflow for this season based on cameras like Red Dragon, which shoots up to 6K. Instead of shooting straight HD and using proxies, we now have to transcode and process footage, which slows everything down. The systems and workflow haven't caught up yet." WEAKNESSES: "Nobody has solved the problem of getting media in quickly with the diversity of formats and file sizes. Producers want instant gratification: They want to sit down and see the footage like they're used to. But now it takes 24 to 36 hours to turn things around. The budget doesn't allow us to get as much storage as we like, but even if it did, there would still be the problems of throughput, processing and media access for multiple editors with the current systems." OPPORTUNITIES: "We've always laid off to HDSR tape masters instead of exporting out of Avid or Symphony and delivering master files because it was OUTLOOK EDITING O Over the past five years post production creatives have and expanded their skill sets." — Bradley There will continue to be more DIVERSIFICATION OF CREATIVE. It comes from all directions now and can be delivered in all kinds of ways." — Malachowski Alkemy X completed a digital campaign for Toyota. Malachowski's editing work for NBC's The Voice.

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