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october 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  1 13 C heck your assumptions at the door: St. Elder Elderflower Liqueur ain't your momma's modifier. A natural match for Prosecco and sparkling wine, St. Elder holds its own against beers and brown spirits, too. Crafted in small batches from a natural extract of fresh North American elderflower blossoms, the popular and mixable liqueur welcomes spirits, wines and beers of every variety. "We decided to add St. Elder to our portfolio when we noticed that the market needed an alternative to the category leader at a more reasonable price to the con- sumer," says Craig Brody, National Sales Manager, M.S. Walker. "We had our in-house team work to develop the finest elderflower to create the St. Elder brand." Liquid Gold A world of aromas and flavors await in the bottle. Gentle floral and honeyed tones and light citrus flavors shine in cocktail recipes both simple and complex. A floral, juicy pear nose and round body lead to a clean finish and distinct texture. Both professionals and home mixologists will be enticed by the floral lychee and alpine herb aromas wafting forth, displaying characteristics from the delicate North American elderflower. A Versatile Partner St. Elder sings in harmony with the strong flavor profiles of IPAs and Hefeweizens, too. "We have seen really cool places use St. Elder in a Shandy," Brody says. "Because of the explosion of the craft beer business, we use a craft IPA or craft Belgian wheat style beer, add two lemon wedges and one ounce of St Elder to create a cool, refreshing, and—most importantly—delicious drink! You can also add to an Old Fashioned with two ounces of bourbon, half an ounce of St. Elder and two dashes of bitters to make a retro cocktail new." St. Elder offers its own take on paring with rum in mojitos and with tequila in Margaritas, making it a liqueur for all seasons. FROM IPA TO BUBBLY, ST. ELDER NATURAL ELDERFLOWER LIQUEUR PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS by Bey Tsadik / photos by Josh Reynolds

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