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April 27 - May 18, 2015 6 Working World l FEATURED ARTICLE by Rene Wunderlich 7 Reasons "On the Clock" Off- Premise Meetings are Beneficial for Employees I t's easy to get used to the typical daily workday agenda – get coffee, check emails, return phone calls, conduct meetings, meet with clients, schedule appointments – the list is almost endless. Every once in a while, however, a little out-of-the-office time with your coworkers can put an extra spring in your step. The award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park sheds some light on how "on the clock" off-premise meetings are beneficial for employees. 1. They boost employee morale. Employees generally are happier and are more likely to possess a positive attitude when they are able to escape the office walls during meetings. 2. They could offer a new perspective on current projects. Being in a different environment with all of its aspects – atmosphere, décor, lighting, smells, sights, and sounds – can spark new ideas that can lead to better company efficiency. 3. They produce team bonding. Sharing a table with coworkers, eating together and engaging in productive brainstorming all helps with team bonding and inter- department communication. 4. Break free from cubicle life… at least for a little while. Off- premise meetings offer employees a little break from the office environment where they are working throughout the day. 5. No interruptions from work phones or emails enable a clear vision and thought process. How many times have you sat down to a meeting and received a call that must be taken? This puts the meeting on hold and suspends the flow of ideas between coworkers. When you're away from the office, those distractions disappear! 6. They show employee appreciation. The usual yearly holiday party may not cut it when it comes to showing employee appreciation. There is a certain kind of thoughfulness that comes from a business meeting over lunch that employees will certainly recognize. Plus, let's not forget… 7. Free food! They say the best food is free food, and when your employer pays for your lunch during a business meeting, you can't help but think that it's the truth. Dig in! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rene Wunderlich is an event planner at the Inn at New Hyde Park.

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