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52  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2015 PACKAGING I n our industry, the spotlight shines brightly on the juice inside the bottle. Yes, the reasons for this are obvious, but sometimes a brand focuses so much on the spirit itself that they forget about the end user. They overlook the fact that great alcohol doesn't exist in a bubble—it's a part of our culture. ABSOLUT understands that for its consumer, vodka is a social drink, enjoyed with and among friends and family. With this atmosphere in mind, ABSOLUT decided to find ways to transform the ordinary night into something a little more extraordinary. The nightlife Spark bottle, the first step in its quest to take over the consumer experience, launched at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival late last month in a 360-degree activation. It features engraved glass, a black logo and a shimmering white light, illuminating the bottle and radiating off the etchings. A switch on the bottom of the bottle allows you to turn on and off the light, which will last for up to eight hours. The new bottle will be available nationwide from now until September. "We envision this bottle not only at high-energy accounts like nightclubs and lounges, but also at the homes of our final consumer," explains Nick Guastaferro, ABSOLUT Brand Director. "This innovation exists within a larger strategy to flip the conventions that surround our experience with the night, but like this and all of future additions to the portfolio, they are designed to give consumers and bartenders the tools they need to make an ordinary night extraordinary—from home entertaining to nights out on the town." In addition to its presence at Coachella, Spark will star in local and regional events throughout the summer. ABSOLUT will also rollout an off-premise promotion tied to Spark and a few other of its SKUs that will have lucky winners heading to the brand's next big bash in September. With a great spirit inside to match the bottle and the marketing surrounding it, the ABSOLUT Spark bottle will surely be drawing in customers like moths to a flame! Night Moves ABSOLUT'S NEW SPARK BOTTLE LIGHTS UP CONSUMER NIGHTLIFE EXPERIENCE by Emily Coleman This innovation exists . . . to flip the conventions that surround our experience with the night." — ABSOLUT Brand Director Nick Guastaferro

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