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OUTLOOK TRAINING Future Media Concepts offers training in a classroom setting as well as online. WEAKNESSES: "There definitely are weaknesses, and I would roll some of these into the 'threat' category as well. The reality is the economy right now. This is the most difficult economy that any com- pany of our type has experienced. High unemployment and the length of unemployment. It comes down to time verses money. The flip side to that is when someone does have the time and money to invest in a program, we do see a huge return. The challenge is over- coming that initial thought — we live in an immediacy society — we want it now and on the Internet. But if you attend a class and invest just a few days of your life, and a few dollars, then the returns will last you a lifetime." OPPORTUNITIES: "I think it's critical for any individual to par- ticipate in education of some sort. There is more responsibility placed on artists these days. Without an education, they won't have ability to do so. [Technology today] makes it more accessible for people to get involved in the creation of music. They need to find a way to break away and get to a higher level. It is our goal that anyone who wants to earn their Avid certification, that we prepare them to do that. Within that framework we continue to revamp and revisit our programs. We understand who our target market is and our target audience and we want to deliver the product that they want. It comes back to efficiency: people want the efficiency of a quick program." THREATS: "People invest in what they can see. It's very easy for someone to invest large dollars into state-of-the-art equipment — a new computer or workstation. But, the unseen is where the invest- ment needs to happen. Gear, without training, is used gear. All of our hardware partners are critical, but the reality is, if you don't know how to use it, it makes no difference if it's the latest equipment or a few years old. Certainly the economy is the greatest threat right now. Additionally, I think there is the perception that you can learn online." OUTLOOK FOR 2012: "The savvy artist is going to embrace education and see the benefit of being able to manipulate their tools to convey their creative message. It's a prime opportunity for us all to embrace education and training to take our art form to the next level. Now, more than ever, it's more affordable and much easier for an individual to set up their own studio. It can be the corner of a bed- room with a laptop and keyboard. Because it's become so easy and affordable for everyone to access that technology, there are so many people clamoring to get noticed. The real challenge for an individual is to rise above that noise and hone their skills. I see that for 2012, mak- ing them see the value of investing a few days of their life and rising above that noise to find success in their own careers." JEFF ROTHBERG President/Co-Founder Future Media Concepts/FMC Training New York Future Media Concepts is a digital media training cen- ter representing software manufacturers that include Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Boris FX, NewTek and Softimage. They have six locations in the US and another four worldwide. FMC recently started offering online training. STRENGTHS: "The training market is slightly better year after year, and it's on an upswing for a few rea- sons: One, people are looking to become 40 Post • December 2011 continued on page 45

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