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gets thrown out there, the less interested people become. There is certainly a 'cool factor' to digital applications, but only the really 'killer apps' with the most utility are the ones that last the test of time." OUTLOOK FOR 2012: "Experiential microsites are becoming less popular. Brands are using social media platforms and blog Websites to communicate with the end user. Interaction is changing and becom- ing quicker and less deep, but with that is the ability to have interaction experiences transfer easily to mobile. Mobile is on its way up and, in my opinion, it hasn't peaked yet." SCOTT RUTTENCUTTER Founder/Interactive Director IQ Foundry Madison, WI IQ Foundry is an interactive agency that works to combine the latest technologies with brand-oriented marketing. Recent pro- jets include an iPad learning game called Learn Shapes! and a 3D virtual home tour for American Family Interactive. STRENGTHS: "Interactive The Germz iPad app from IQ Foundry. gives us the opportunity to deliver engaging experiences to the audiences that we are try- ing to reach. We have an advan- tage over traditional media because we can give customers the ability to interact with a brand and to guide their expe- rience around their own needs and interests. What matters most is creating great content that is relevant to our audience. Interactive is what really allows us to take that content and cre- ate an experience that provides something unique and new for a customer to see and touch. "When you do it right, the connection that you can make between your audience and a brand with interactive media is incredibly strong. The greatest strength of interactive is the ability it gives us to make those connections possible." WEAKNESSES: "The biggest challenge for most organizations is delivering a message that their audience really wants to hear. Most campaigns would be better served by looking at how customers see their products and services integrating with their daily lives and what problems they might solve. When asking your audience to take their time and involve themselves in what you have to say, you have an obligation to be pithy, relevant and real." OPPORTUNITIES: "The mobile market space is opening up a new world of opportunities to get brands in front of consumers. Application development for mobile platforms is where we are seeing our business grow the most right now, and where a lot of our clients believe they can make new connections. We are helping them by identifying how they can create interesting and engaging experiences for their customers on the mobile platform. Using mobile apps to help your customers solve a problem, learn about your product or service offerings, or simply to maintain a relationship with your brand, is an opportunity that every business should be thinking about right now." THREATS: "The biggest threat for brands is to see the interactive space as intimidating and do nothing, especially on mobile. There are so many ways to develop a credible and meaningful experience on this new platform, but so few agencies and companies have really per- fected the art yet. Start brainstorming ideas within your organization and figure out why customers would choose to engage in your mes- sage with their mobile devices. Not doing so is the biggest mistake that you could make this year." OUTLOOK FOR 2012: "I really see mobile applications becom- ing a key part of the package for major brands' advertising budgets through this next year. My role here at IQ Foundry is growing more and more around helping our customers develop strategies and ideas for mobile experiences that will help strengthen their brands. I think that 2012 is going to be the year that mobile really hits its stride. "The other platform I see making a resurgence is video. It is great to see people tossing out their PowerPoint keynotes and dry sales presentations and helping them replace them with well thought out demo videos and video presentations. Look at your current commu- nications and marketing materials and update anything you feel is pain- ful to sit through by revisiting the message and creating a high-impact video. My same key principles to this still apply — content is king and you need to make sure you understand the real needs of your audi- ence. Toss the 45-minute PowerPoint, replace it with a five-minute video that excites the customer enough to ask questions about your offerings — and you've already won the business." MIKE FEUER Chief Business Officer/Partner New York Mindsmack TV is a post facility with four edit suites and two audio rooms. Their is 'new media' company pro- viding Web development, social media events and iphone apps. STRENGTHS: "We are able to deliver to a client a much more robust package in order to truly reach their audience. Doing a promo for a film or a TV show is great, and you are going to get the audience that is tuned into that channel, but when you open up the social media Post • December 2011 35 One of Mindsmack's editing suites, featuring Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Creative Suite and TerraBlock storage.

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