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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF SOUND POST PRODUCTION IN HOLLYWOOD John Carpenter's The Ward. WEAKNESSES: "It's always the human weakness. It's inevitable, but when you watch the same footage again and again in post, it always ends up being stale. I remember we used to try to devise ways to see the film with fresh eyes. Back in the old days, when we were using Moviolas, we'd just flip the film, so that the image was reversed, and you felt you were looking at the image for the first time. You had to try and confuse your eye because you're so used to seeing the same images. That's always the hardest thing about post and its biggest weak- ness — and it's unavoidable. And with all the new digital editing sys- tems, you have limitless choices. You can go on forever, changing and refining scenes. Luckily, the money and schedule always tells you what to do (laughs). Once the money runs out, that's when you stop." OPPORTUNITIES: "When you work with a really talented edi- tor, it's great, because he'll bring an eye to it and do something you might never have thought of. It might be in terms of the pacing of a scene, or the juxtaposition of that scene to another that you hadn't planned. It's the same with all the post people — sound mixers, effects editors, composers and so on. Get the right people around you and the opportunities are endless." THREATS: "Simple — it's always time and money. If you have enough time and money you can fix nearly anything in post. With- out it, well…" OUTLOOK FOR 2012: "In general, the movie business is almost always the same and has been since I started. A lot of movies get made and released each year, and a few are great, some are good, and most are shit." Please contact Mark Kaplan, at 323.956.7010 or Post_4.375x10.875-3.indd 1 Post • December 2011 23 18/11/11 17:25

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