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OUTLOOK OF POST THE IMPORTANCE Hollywood has always benefited from hard times, and thanks to the ongoing shaky economic climate, audiences, happy to forget the recession and their financial woes for a couple of hours, headed to the theaters in healthy numbers, especially to see anything light and escapist — think hangovers in Thailand with chain- smoking monkeys and green lizards wandering the Wild West. Here, four top directors — Gore Verbinski, Todd Phillips, John Car- penter and Jonathan Liebesman — tackled Post's SWOT questions and aired their views about the year ahead. GORE VERBINSKI Director Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3 After directing the first three films in the mega- franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, Verbinski, whose credits include The Mexican and The Ring, switched gears and helmed Rango, his first animated film, and the first one that VFX powerhouse ILM had ever done. STRENGTHS: "It's the ability to see the thing holistically, to not get lost in the details. You get to get it up on its legs as a complete film, and stuff that didn't occur to you on the page is now occurring to you. Films are very organic creatures, and at some point the best ones demand to tell you what they are, and then you become in service to them. You build the algorithm and it starts to kick back ideas and notions, and it's needy, and if you stick something foreign in, it's just not going to accept it. Maybe that's your gut reacting, but I feel like it's alive in post. And the big difference in Rango was that we could make changes in post, so preproduction, production and post on it were all one thing." WEAKNESSES: "The big one on Rango was that nothing was intuitive. There were no gifts. Everything was fabricated because of the animation and very nature of the project. Traditionally in post, you're working with a finite set of data in terms of your live-action shoot. Unless you're running out and doing re-shoots all the time, you're solv- ing problems with what resources you have in front of you. If you didn't shoot it, and you need it, you've got a big problem." OPPORTUNITIES: "They're endless, even with finite choices. Sometimes by having limited resources and seeing the problems and having only so many solutions available, opportunities present them- selves out of necessity. So techniques you may have been adverse to, you suddenly start embracing and using." THREATS: "It's always time. The hour glass is always looming, but as scary as a firm release date there's nothing worse than not having Gore Verbinski's Rango. 20 Post • December 2011 DIRECTORS BY IAIN BLAIR

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