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SERVING THE INDUSTRY FOR 25 YEARS 2 EDITOR'S LETTER Pros look ahead to 2012 By Randi Altman 2 POST SCRIPT Luxology reflects on the animation business By Marc Loftus A look at the industry's STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS, along with an OUTLOOK for 2012 20 DIRECTORS By Iain Blair 24 STEREO 3D By Randi Altman 28 THE BUSINESS OF POST By Marc Loftus 34 NEW MEDIA By Randi Altman 38 TRAINING By Marc Loftus 42 AUDIO By Jennifer Walden 28 DAILY NEWS UPDATES TUTORIAL Eyeon Fusion's Fog tool WEB EXCLUSIVES Q&A: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sound designer Ren Klyce By Nicholas Restuccio AUDIO SWOT Fantasy Studios By Jeffrey Wood 34 Director Martin Scorsese tackles a magical story in stereo 3D for the feature Hugo. VFX supervisor Rob Legato and Pixomondo VFX supervisor and stereo vet Ben Grossmann walk us through the process starting on page 18. The film was shot using several Vince Pace-designed prototype Fusion rigs and a Steadicam rig built especially to house the smaller, lighter Arri Alexa cameras in a stacked configuration. Bob Richardson was cinematographer, and long-time Scorsese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker cut the film using a LightWorks system. Colorist Greg Fisher employed Filmlight's Baselight for grading work. OUTLOOK FOR 2012 Aardman Animation By Heather Wright This Month In 24 20 4 BITS & PIECES What's happening in our community 12 EDIT THIS Joel Cox talks about cutting Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar By Randi Altman 14 DIRECTOR'S CHAIR Bill Condon — Twilight: Breaking Dawn By Iain Blair 18 COVER STORY VFX for Martin Scorsese's 3D stereoscopic Hugo By Christine Bunish 46 PEOPLE Keeping tabs on the industry's movers and shakers 47 REVIEW Blackmagic Decklink By Barry Goch • Batman: Arkham City's novel use of art direction, cinematography • Countdown to Oscar: Experts weigh in on VFX and animated offerings Post • December 2011 1 GORE VERBINSKI/RANGO LEGEND3D/CONAN CINEWORKS FUTURISTIC/77KIDS ON OUR COVER

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