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Page 44 of 51 43 POST DECEMBER 2014 he past year witnessed a broad- ening industry discussion on all that might contribute to signifi cant enhancements of digital image quali- ty — especially when viewed on larger screens. This encompasses eff orts to elevate both the theatrical cinema ex- perience and the home viewing experi- ence. In this context, a vigorous debate ensued within the television industry on the merits of 4K UHD — given the typical viewing distances and screen sizes within the home. An 84-inch 4K display at the average home viewing distance of nine feet fails to provide a credible 4K view- ing experience. A growing body urges deployment of higher frame rates (HFR), higher dynamic ranges (HDR), and wider color gamuts — within the 1080p HDTV realm of resolution — as collectively of- fering a better alternative to the fourfold increase of 4K UHD image resolution. Others accept the inevitability of the advance to 4K, but strongly recommend the addition of HFR, HDR, and wider color gamuts. This debate will surely continue throughout 2015. Canon is of the view that image quality advances in both HD/2K and 4K/UHD are warranted, on the basis that the former is hugely entrenched worldwide and is still growing, while the 4K movement is still modest but steadily escalating worldwide. The multiple applications of both — within the totality of program origination (and multiple non-entertainment imaging systems) — fully justify ongoing product development in both arenas. Coupled with this, we see fi rm entrenchment of three primary image format sizes: Super 35mm, 2/3-inch, and 1/3-inch, each of which pro- foundly impacts developments in associ- ated lenses and digital cameras. All three image format sizes remain perfectly valid within the context of the many diff erent forms of production needed by multiple imaging industries. SUPER 35MM The high activity presently surrounding the relatively large Super 35mm image format will advance in 2015 as these single-sen- sor cameras further their penetration of numerous program genres in television production, while continuing to steadily replace motion picture fi lm in theatrical motion picture production. In this context, Canon's Cinema EOS cameras and lenses have become widely recognized in movie- making and many genres of television program production. ONE THIRD-INCH DIGITAL CAMERAS At another extreme, the insatiable appetite of the broadcast industry for highly mo- bile digital news acquisition systems will see the 1/3-inch image format continue to be widely adopted by that industry. Both tri-imager and single image sensor variants of this small image format size will fl ourish. This will be fl anked by other diverse applications of such camcorders in documentary production, and low-budget indie moviemaking. TWO THIRD-INCH DIGITAL CAMERAS While certainly pressured by the unprece- dented growth of these larger and smaller image formats, the long-established 2/3- inch image format will remain the center- piece of the huge global sports production world while also continuing to service the many forms of high-end TV programs that require deeper depths of fi eld. 2014 saw the somewhat surprising emergence of prototype 4K UHD camera systems based upon the 2/3-inch image format. No less than three major manufac- turers have signaled their intention to off er such cameras in direct response to the urgings of television broadcasters (for certain studio productions) and mobile outside broadcast production facilities (for sports coverage). What is remarkable is the fact that all three are taking quite diff erent technical approaches to answer- ing the daunting challenge of 4K UHD in such a small image format size. Two will utilize a tri-imager approach while another is promoting a quad-imager approach. These developments will add an important stimulation to the expected (and very important) real world testing of these systems that we should witness through- out 2015. BY LARRY THORPE SENIOR FELLOW IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING & SOLUTIONS DIVISION I CANON USA MELVILLE, NY WWW.USA.CANON.COM WHAT'S NEXT FOR CAMERA TECHNOLOGY OUTLOOK ACQUISITION O OUTLOOK O OUTLOOK T OUTLOOK O piece of the huge global sports production O piece of the huge global sports production O OUTLOOK O OUTLOOK The discussion continues online. Visit for more Outlook 2015 articles from professionals throughout the post industry, including: Assimilate, Cap Gun Collective, FilmLight, HP, LaCie, Motion504, MTI Film, Pollen Music Group, Quantum, Small Tree, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Technicolor, Trollback + Company, We Are Royale, World Famous, Zoic, and more! ONLINE

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