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Page 33 of 51 32 POST DECEMBER 2014 ditors and facilities are seeing an unparalleled demand for content worldwide. It's coming from new media and new sources of business outside the traditional business models. Editors are able to do more post themselves, thanks to comprehensive toolkits and facilities of- fering under-one-roof services or a family of businesses that fi ll clients' needs. But, editors are also challenged by shrinking budgets and turnaround times. On the commercial side, they're watching more agencies set up in-house editing facilities; on the feature fi lm side, they're seeing studios push big-budget titles, perhaps to the detriment of medium-bud- get movies that once were their bread and butter. Editors are under pressure to evolve to meet changing market needs and cope with the concerns of motion picture piracy. Still, the insatiable desire for content makes for a healthy forecast. CARR SCHILLING Executive Producer Cut+Run Los Angeles and Austin Cut+Run features a diverse roster of edi- tors, as well as resources for VFX, design and fi nishing for advertising, entertainment and art. The company has offi ces in Lon- don, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. Its clients include Honda, Miller Lite, Dr. Pepper, Adidas, Pepsi, and Nike. STRENGTHS: "The television has gone from in our homes to everywhere — in our pockets, on our wrists — and with it, the demand for all types of content, especially from those emphasizing cre- ative editorial, has led to a tremendous period of growth, often with new clients. This desire has allowed companies like Cut+Run to thrive because when you re- ally care about the work your clients do, you form strong creative partnerships." WEAKNESSES: "Each year, everyone says it feels like budgets are tighter than they've ever been! You have to be smart about your approach to a job and be very nimble. The industry, as a whole, needs to continue to watch and address clients' extended payment terms." OPPORTUNITIES: "Business models used to be very traditional and often limited in scope when it came to sourc- es of work. The doors have been blown completely open. Opportunities are coming from everywhere: We've edited for production companies directly, with TV writers brought in by the client, and have even created online content with no agency involved. It's always been about cultivating strong relationships and that's still true, but now they are more varied relationships. "Agency partnerships with global clients can also lead to tremendous op- portunities. We had a Starbucks project from 72andSunny run through our LA offi ce, which was shot in nearly 50 cities on the same day. Strategic planning and preparation by the production company, agency, client and post house enabled a workfl ow that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago. In two-and-a-half weeks we went through all the footage and delivered a :60 cinema spot, eight short documentaries, a two-minute online spot and multiple international broadcast commercials." THREATS: "Editorial companies need to be able to evolve to meet the changing needs and demands of agencies and other creative partners. That's not really a threat, it's a requirement that companies pay attention to the core aspects of their busi- ness model and understand their partners. If you do, it's a great time to be in editorial." OUTLOOK FOR 2015: "We're really opti- mistic and excited about 2015. We hope the trends we've seen in all markets will continue. Content is consumed every- where, on all types of devices. Although that means the market is more fragment- ed, the hunger and thirst for content po- sitions creative editorial in a great place." LOGAN HEFFLEFINGER Editor Lucky Post Dallas MEETING THE DEMANDS OF A CHANGING MARKET STUDIOS ARE EVOLVING AND ENJOYING AN UNPARALLELED NEED FOR CONTENT OUTLOOK EDITING O OUTLOOK O OUTLOOK E BY CHRISTINE BUNISH Editorial companies need to be able to EVOLVE TO MEET THE CHANGING NEEDS AND DEMANDS of agencies and other creative partners."

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