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The People's Guide 2015 48 Child Health Health Care for Children What Health Care Is There for Kids Under 19? Medi-Cal For Children Children birth to 19 who are not eligible for the family based Medi-Cal programs will be enrolled in Medi-Cal's Targeted Low Income Program For Children. The value of things you own ("resources") don't count against you. To be eligible for Medi-Cal's Targeted Low Income Program For Children, the monthly income must be less than 266% of the Federal Poverty Level. See chart on page 40 for what that means. Families with income above 160% of the Federal Poverty Level will have to pay a monthly premium of $13 per child with a maximum pay- ment of $39 per family. See page 43- Share of Cost for children for income limits. For information on immigration status and how to apply please see page 41 in the Medi-Cal section. What Other Programs Are There? 1. Healthy Kids and Kaiser Permanente Healthy Kids is provided through the LA Care Health Plan for children from birth through age 5 who do not qualify for full scope (regular) no-cost Medi-Cal or for insurance through Covered California. Healthy Kids is only enrolling children ages 0-5 ½. Family income must be below the limits in the chart below. There are low-cost monthly premiums of $4 or $6 and small payments at visits. You only pay for two children monthly no matter how many are enrolled. Call (888) 452-5437 for more information. Healthy Kids Eligibility Family Size Monthly Income limit 1 $3,890 2 $5,244 3 $6,597 4 $7,950 5 $9,304 6 $10,657 Children who grow out of Healthy Kids at age 6 can enroll in My Health LA at a community partner (visit www.ccalac. org), or enroll in Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program. Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program: Children under age 19 who are not eligible for full-scope (regular) no-cost Medi-Cal or insurance through Covered California may be eligible for Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program. There are no immigration requirements. The monthly cost is $10 or $20 and there are no copayment costs for visits. Dental, mental health and vision care are included. Enrollment is limited to the open enrollment period (Nov 15, 2014 through Feb. 15, 2015.) Outside of Open Enrollment, a child may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. For more infor- mation visit http://info.kaiserpermanente. org/html/child_health_plan/index.html or call Maternal & Child Health Access at (213) 749-4261. 2. Child Health and Disability Program (CHDP) CHDP provides free early and regular health exams for many low-income children up to 19 years of age; Medi-Cal eligible children up to 21 years of age; and Head Start and State preschool children. There are no im- migration requirements, however, visits are allowed based on a "periodicity schedule", with some exceptions for physical exams needed for school, for children in foster care and for problems that might occur between screenings. Children in Medi-Cal Managed Care can get more screenings than the state's schedule allows. CHDP of- fers physical exams, immunizations, vision and hearing testing, lead poisoning testing, nutritional check, teeth and gum check, and some lab tests including sickle cell. For more information call (800) 993-2437. 3. California Children's Services Children's Medical Services (or California Children's Services) case manages and provides health services for children up to age 21 with eligible major medical conditions caused by accidents, diseases, and congenital disabilities, whether or not the children also have Medi-Cal. Undocu- mented children may qualify if their parents live in Los Angeles County. For eligibility information, call (800-288-4584). Service providers are all over the county. Family income must be less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level(see pg. 40) per year, or may be greater if their CCS related medical expenses are expected to be more than 20% of the family's income. There is no family income limit for children who need services to confirm a CCS-eligible medical condition; or were adopted with a known CCS-eligible medical condition; or are applying only for services through the Medical Therapy Program; or if they are "full scope" Medi-Cal beneficiaries with no share of cost.

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