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{ }  63 Our vertical tasting took place on Monday, October 20, 2014 at my offices. Tasters included: Mary Thompson, General Manager, Saint Martha Restaurant, Los Angeles; Regina Martinelli, Martinelli Winery & Vineyards; Dana Farner, Senior Wine Advisor, Soutirage, Yountville; Anthony Lerner, Sommelier, Mastro's, Beverly Hills; Waldo Cesoni, Director of Restaurants, Casa del Mar, Santa Monica. Prices listed were the prices on release; all vintages of Jackass Vineyard Zinfandel are currently sold out but are widely available on the secondary market. 2011 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($75) 16.5% Alcohol. 295 cases. Winemaker: Bryan Kvamme Ripe and juicy with silky texture and balanced flavors of boy - senberry and spice; balanced and rich. Waldo Cesoni: "The high alcohol get hidden behind amazing fruit notes in a beautiful way." Mary Thompson: "Dark, rich, ripe blackberry fruit with a supple, tannic structure." Dana Farner: "High flavor intensity; lots of spicy black pepper." Group rating: 92. Drink 2015–2025. 2010 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($75) 17.4% Alcohol. 200 cases. Winemaker: Bryan Kvamme Lush, intense nose; dense and rich with spice and ripe black - berry; juicy and deep. Anthony Lerner: "Big nose of macerated berries and cinnamon." Mary Thompson: "Despite the high level of alcohol, the integration is taking place even this early on; cinnamon and black tea." Waldo Cesoni: "Great mouth feel with a nice, long finish." Group rating: 94. Drink now–2024. 2009 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($75) 16.7% Alcohol. 370 cases. Winemaker: Bryan Kvamme Dark, smooth and velvety with black cherry and spice; ripe tan - nins, toasty and seamless. Dana Farner: "Intense bright red fruit, strawberry jam; vanilla and a hint of cedar lingers with the fruit." Anthony Lerner: "Nose of red fruit, mint and melon rind." Mary Thompson: "A hint of eucalyptus, even mint, with dark, ripe cherry fruit." Group rating: 96. Drink now–2020. 2007 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($75) 16.4% Alcohol. 368 cases. Winemaker: Bryan Kvamme Deeply colored; rich and dense with spice and black cherry; toasty with notes of leather and wild berries. Anthony Lerner: "Nose of dried leaves, cayenne pepper, cherry and strawberry." Waldo Cesoni: "Soft notes of blackberry and mint, followed by strawberry jam and spiciness." Dana Farner: "There's a subtlety of fruit." Group rating: 95. Drink now–2020. 2005 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($75) 17.1% Alcohol. 225 cases. Winemaker: Helen Turley Spicy, brambly with notes of wild berries; complex, fresh and youth - ful; long and amazing. Anthony Lerner: "Rich plum and raisin, dark fruits, tea and tobacco on the nose." Mary Thompson: "Alcohol is very well integrated and the fruit truly leads the charge." Dana Farner: "Mixed berry jam, a bit of clove and vanilla linger; lovely." Group rating: 96. Drink now–2019. 2004 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($60) 16.9% Alcohol. 315 cases. Winemaker: Helen Turley Smooth, earthy, spicy and dense; mature, integrated, long and juicy. Waldo Cesoni: "Notes of mint, spice and mushrooms; hints of gaminess, roasted meat." Mary Thompson: "Blackberry with notes of wood, spice and forest floor; multi-dimensional; a wine to turn a non-Zinfandel drinker into a convert." Dana Farner: "Hedonistically pleasurable." Group rating: 94. Drink now–2018. 2003 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($60) 16.5% Alcohol. 318 cases. Winemaker: Helen Turley Bright and juicy, smooth and rich; spicy, mature and very long. Dana Farner: "Exotic with a bit of Christmas spice." Anthony Lerner: "Notes of game, dried leaves, as well as plum and dark cherry." Waldo Cesoni: "Hints of cinnamon and clove; round mouth feel and a nice balance between acid and alcohol." Group rating: 93. Drink now–2018. 2000 Zinfandel, Jackass Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($60) 17.2% Alcohol. 298 cases. Winemaker: Helen Turley Dense and rich with caramelized prune; smooth, intense, mature and spicy with notes of earth. Waldo Cesoni: "Dark flavors such as dried figs and raisins; lovely oxidative notes." Dana Farner: "Far more than any of the others, this has an Amarone character." Anthony Lerner: "Baked fruits, nuts, brandy and tawny port on the nose; perfect with cheese." Mary Thompson: "Leather, spice box and raisins; very elegant, leans on the secondary flavors for sure; a truly special experience of Zinfandel." Group rating: 97. Drink now–2017.

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