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{ }  3 FOLLOW US! @SommJ • • Published six times per year ISSN 1944-074X USPS 02488i The SOMM Journal is published bi-monthly for $52 per year by The SOMM Journal, The Sommelier Journal, 17203 Ventura Blvd. Suite 5, Encino, CA 91316. Periodicals postage at Van Nuys, CA and additional mailing offices. Subscription rate: $52 One Year; $100 Two Years. Single Copy; $10 For all subscriptions, email: POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: The SOMM Journal 17203 Ventura Blvd.; Ste 5 Encino, CA 91316, 818-990-0350 PUBLISHER / EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Meridith May EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anthony Dias Blue VP/MANAGING EDITOR David Gadd SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Michael Viggiano SENIOR EDITOR Karen Moneymaker DEPUTY EDITOR Jonathan Cristaldi SPIRITS EDITOR /MARKETING MANAGER Rachel Burkons EAST COAST EDITOR Lana Bortolot SENIOR INDUSTRY EDITOR Deborah Parker Wong EDITOR-AT-LARGE Randy Caparoso LONDON CORRESPONDENT Steven Spurrier TEXAS EDITOR Anthony Head ASSOCIATE EDITOR Emily Coleman ASSOCIATE EDITOR Brian Kustera VP/SALES & MARKETING Bill Brandel 818-784-2122 VP/FINANCE DIRECTOR Anna Russell 818-784-2122 DIRECTOR OF CORPORATE EVENTS Nicolette Teo SOMM JOURNAL DEC./JAN. • 2014-2015 Vol. 1 No. 4 ©2014 The SOMM Journal, The Sommelier Journal. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. Sommelier Journal USPS 024881, ISSN 1944-074X CONTRIBUTORS Joann Arruda, Jeremy Ball, Cal Bingham, Sarah Bray, Tom Caestecker Jr., Kim Carroll, Matthew Conway, David Denton CWE, Dustin Downing, Eugene Garcia, Jacob Hand, David Handschuh, Adam James, Andy Katz, Roxanne Langer, Jaime Lewis, Julie Ruvo Torres, Leith Shenstone, Jason Tesauro, John Valls, Doug Young CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Bob Bath MS, Tom Caestecker, Catherine Fallis MS , David Furer, Ted Glennon, Dr. Jamie Goode, Richard Carleton Hacker, Karen MacNeil, Kelly Magyarics, Chris Sawyer, Merrill Shindler, Amy Zavatto CORRECTIONS In the Armagnac story in our October-November issue, it was stated that Château du Tariquet was founded in 1999. Tariquet was founded in 1912. In the same story Armagnac Delord was erroneously referred to as Château Delord. In the story on Sardinia, the cap- tions were in the incorrect order for the three wines mentioned: Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna, Barrua Isola dei Nuraghi and Nuraghe Crabioni Cannonau di Sardegna. B:11.5 in T:10.75 in S:10.25 in

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