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Page 32 of 51 31 POST OCTOBER 2014 A great mix doesn't draw attention to itself. It's integral to the fi lm and not a thing on its own." — Andy Koyama If you can really believe that you're in that location with those characters, going on that ride, then the mix is successful." — Beau Borders Dynamics and articulation. One of the things you learn is that everything can't be loud all the time. The other thing is picking your moments, articulating things, making things stand out." — Tom Myers It's the ebb and fl ow. I don't like an onslaught of sound. I enjoy a soundtrack that's part of the whole fi lm experience and I'm not pulled out by something. I want to be involved and absorbed into the screen." — Daniel Leahy The hero is the dialogue. Every syllable is as important as the one after. You never want to have the viewer taken out of the movie by not understanding the dialogue." — Lee Dichter " West Hollywood's Formosa Group mixed the music, dialogue and sound eff ects for The Book of Life. " " " "

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