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O ffering a continually expanding selection of quality produc- tion music and sound effects, sound libraries have largely moved online where their user-friendly Websites and inno- vative licensing and payment options make shopping for just the right track or sound effect easier than ever. A U D I O S PA R X ' S B R OA D M I X Thir teen-year-old Audiosparx ( in St. Augustine, FL, star ted as a sound effects librar y but now features a broad mix of content: 186,000 sound effects, about 63,000 music tracks and approximately 82,000 beats and loops. With both royalty-free and needle-drop offerings, it represents the work of more than 2,100 independent musicians, producers and publishers. "As we've moved more and more into the TV and film marketplaces we've developed a ver y strong database of music that works well for feature films, TV programming and adver tising," says Au- diosparx executive VP Lee Johnson. "Our dramatic music catalog is especially strong, with over 12,000 tracks. It's our best seller. We have more tracks in one genre than most of our competitors do in their entire librar y," he re- por ts. "We sign 50 to 100 new ar tists every month. Max DiCarlo, the iconic Italian vir tuoso is rela- tively new to Audiosparx. He does a lot of writing for Disney and Lionsgate. Dan Radlauer is also fairly new to us although he has produced music for films,TV and commercials for years." Classical music is also much in de- mand; Audiosparx offers over 3,000 classical compositions from 90 com- posers worldwide. The librar y is also known for its world music offerings, with over 7,000 tracks from 126 countries. Audiosparx can meet clients' seasonal demands as well. "Our focus right now is Halloween, with over 1,500 horror tracks and sound effects," Johnson explains. "We'll soon be heavily in the Santa Claus mode, with over 1,000 Christmas selections." Many ar tists produce full tracks, 60- and 30-second versions, stingers or loops and even ring-tone versions, he points out. "Our ar tists can group related cuts together so clients can pick exactly the right cut." Although the company still sells royalty-free music CDs, that's just "a small par t of the busi- ness today. Our primary focus is all about online access," Johnson notes. The Website has seen a 39 percent gain in traffic since March and is "get- ting over one million visitors a month." Since Audiosparx was founded by software en- gineers, the company is especially keen on making the online experience as comprehensive and user- friendly as possible. "We're continually using new technology to enhance operations and implement- Covering all bases: Prolific's Royalty Free Music Revolution is a 90-plus CD library featuring all genres and styles. Freeplay Music currently offers over 10,000 tracks spanning all popular genres. Thanks to today's technology, users of stock sounds and music have more options than ever before. By Christine Bunish Options Sound Library

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