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departments 2 EDITOR’S LETTER The FCP X controversy By Randi Altman 2 POST SCRIPT A N I M A T I O N 16 VFX FOR FILMS What do superheroes and cats have in common? High-end visual effects. By Christine Bunish TECHNOLOGY 24 THUNDERBOLT-ENABLED This new technology promises to open up bottlenecks between systems and storage. By Marc Loftus T R E N D S 30 STOCK Finding and getting clearances for images is no easy task. By Randi Altman AUDIO 38 AUDIO FOR ANIMATION Creating sounds for the unreal. By Jennifer Walden DAILY NEWS UPDATES WEB EXCLUSIVES • AUDIO: Animated TV vs. Animated Film By Adam Smyth • DSLR: Tips & Tricks 38 Sony Pictures Imageworks ( in Culver City, CA, handled the majority of VFX featured in the film , including the Smurfs themselves. Richard R. Hoover was VFX supervisor and Sabrina Plisco edited this new Columbia Pictures/Sony Animation offering. features 1,014 VFX shots and 1,557 3D stereo shots. Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA, handled some key sequences, including the arrival of Gargamel, the Azrael and Smurfette chase sequence, and the hair- ball scene. For more on VFX for Films, turn to page 16. · Super effects for superheroes. · By Rich Harrington & Colin Smith SIGGRAPH NEWS 36 16 4 JVC previews affordable 4K camcorder By Marc Loftus 4 BITS & PIECES What’s new in post 12 DIRECTOR’S CHAIR Jake Kasdan: Bad Teacher By Iain Blair 36 SOUNDS GOOD Chatting with Tranformers 3’s audio post team By Richard Baskin 44 EDUCATION This EA artist tackles an MBA program focused on leadership and management By TJ Galda 45 ON THE ROAD Protecting assets for LA La Ride By Peter S. Thompson 46 PEOPLE Keeping tabs of the industry’s movers & shakers 48 REVIEW Digital Storm Protus By Dariush Derakhshani building better ‘bots. · Augmented reality goes mainstream. · Mobile workstations unplugged. · Stereo 3D revolutionizes gaming. July 2011 • Post 1 BASEMENT/WILDCHILD GREEN LANTERN TRANSFORMERS THE FAMILY GUY ON OUR COVER SERVING THE INDUSTRY FOR 25 YEARS The Smurfs The Smurfs Transformers

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