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our inbox LETTERS Shame Your writer did a superb job of condensing my article on shame and making a complex idea understandable (Rock Your Body, June/July 2014). Thank you! —Thomas Scheff, Prof. Emeritus, UCSB, Dept of Sociology The piece you published ("5 Fabulous Holistic Spas," June/July 2014) about the Healing Rose shames us, as it contains some distorted facts about the treatment: we do not do the lymphatic drainage, we do the lymphatic stimulation according to Dr. Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund protocol. These are two very different things. —Irina Segal and Galya Krigel, The Healing Rose Center Ed. reply: WLT regrets the error. There is no lymphatic drainage at Healing Rose. Backwards on BackWords I read Dani Katz's [clearly] "Backwards" [BackWords] column in your April issue and, to be honest, I was rooting for Dani Katz to die, lose a leg or at least her word- processor to that bee sting. Anyone who writes, "I hate bees. I'm glad they're dying off," deserves what's coming to her ignorant, ignorant self. If the bees die, we die. —Lawrence W. Washington, Culver City Ed. reply: Author Dani Katz clearly wrote in her following sentence, "Even though I don't mean it, I'm mad..." Who among us has never said, "I hate this or that" in a moment of anger or pain? Some even admit to having said they hate God. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Your last column was a joke (April/May, From the Editor). First of all, that Garbage Patch you talked about was estimated at only 250,000 square miles, if it even that much? You came up with 7,000,000 square miles (from where?). That would cover 2 and a half USA's or over the entire Soviet Union. Also, did you know that banning plastic bags in San Francisco has led to a big rise in e-coli and salmonella. That is because of the moisture from refrigerated food items that leak. You don't get that contamination from plastic bags. Also, how do you expect handicapped and the elderly from carrying their purchases without the convenience of plastic bags? Very diffi cult. Also, plastic bags did not cause all the problems you guys claimed. —Melissa Cohen, via email Ed. reply: Regarding the size of the gyres, estimates vary widely; the estimate cited here came from National Geographic, a generally reputable source. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states, "It is diffi cult to estimate the size of these 'patches,' because the borders and content constantly change with ocean currents and winds." In any case, I think we can all agree with their statement that, "Regardless of the exact size, mass and location of the 'garbage patch,' manmade debris does not belong in our oceans and waterways and must be addressed." KINKY ASANAS 15 FREAKING MINUTES 5 FABULOUS SPAS NATIONAL PARKS June/July 2014 | Free LEGACY IN PERIL VEGAN-MEXICAN HEATS UP MELROSE 3 DAYS OF SILENCE 10 SECRETS OF ISLAND ALOHA SUSTAINABLE VEGAN RESORT WLT-JUN-JULY-26.indd 1 5/27/14 6:59 PM ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES 42nd Annual Cancer Convention FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND PROFESSIONALS Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2014 Sat., Sun. & Mon. – Labor Day Weekend SHERATON UNIVERSAL (Across from Universal Studios Hollywood) Meet Recovered Cancer Patients with Encouraging Reports LEARN ABOUT THE PREVENTION & CONTROL OF CANCER THROUGH NUTRITION, TESTS & NON-TOXIC CANCER THERAPIES SUCH AS LAETRILE, GERSON, HOXSEY, POLY-MVA, ENZYMES & IMMUNOTHERAPY FROM MEDICAL DOCTORS, CLINICAL RESEARCHERS, NUTRITIONISTS & AUTHORS. ALSO, LEARN ABOUT CHELATION, DMSO, OXYGEN, HERBAL, CELLULAR & ELECTRO-MAGNETIC THERAPIES. IN ADDITION, NATURAL THERAPIES FOR HEART, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, MS & EYE DISEASES. Pay at Door $40.00/Day For All Events For more information and programs contact: CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY (323) 663-7801 www.cancercontrolsociety.com DOCTOR'S SYMPOSIUM – Tuesday, September 2 TOUR OF MEXICAN CANCER CLINICS – Wednesday, September 3 & Saturday, September 13 • LECTURES MOVIES • EXHIBITS See the movies: "Hoxsey Cancer Therapy" "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer" Hosted by Eddie Albert Continuing Education Credits for Nurses and Dentists $45.00/Day Cash or Check august/september 2014 7

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