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Paul Picerni Ingrid Pitt Pete Postlethwaite Addison Powell Melvin Prestidge George Primo James T. Pritchett Peggy Rea Joseph Reale Russell R. Reed Irv Resnick Lee Rhodes Norman Richards Rick Richards 1/12/11 11/23/10 1/2/11 11/8/10 1/25/11 3/4/11 3/15/11 2/5/11 3/22/11 10/18/10 3/18/11 12/5/10 11/16/10 12/30/10 Carmela Rioseco-Sanchez 11/24/10 Frank E. Roberts Ronald Robertson Douglas Robinson Lina Romay Leonora Rosen Don G. Ross Sammy Ross David Roster Oscar G. Rowland Mary Rudolph Edward Earl Rue Alexx C. Ruiz Jane Russell Bob Sanders Jacques Sandulescu Tura Satana Ludwig Schmitz Yanni Sfinias Nina Sharp bb “ROCK YOUR AUTO LOAN” WE HAVE MONEY TO LEND Rates Haven’t Been This Low In Years! 1/30/11 10/18/10 11/20/10 12/17/10 1/26/11 1/15/11 12/11/10 12/16/10 10/20/10 1/8/11 2/19/11 2/14/11 2/28/11 3/21/11 11/19/10 2/4/11 3/4/11 11/7/10 11/7/10 George Shearing Myrna Smith Patricia Smith Daniel St. John Helen Stenborg Paul Stern Margot Stevenson Paul Stocker Sharlie Stuart James Tartan Dale Tarter Conrad Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Christopher Templeton Steven Allen Thomas David V. Thomas Aubrey Thornton Michael Tolan Bill Toliver Richard Todd Torok Mark Tulin Annabella Turco David K. Varnay Don Vliet Doug Vought Robert V. Walsh Margaret Webb Diana Webster Margaret Whiting Jane Wilbur Benji Wilhoite Eugenia J. Wright Danita Xavier Eddie Zigo 2/14/11 12/24/10 1/2/11 11/19/10 3/22/11 3/10/11 1/2/11 12/24/10 11/8/10 11/26/10 3/14/11 12/25/10 3/23/11 2/15/11 10/24/10 1/12/11 1/4/11 1/31/11 2/5/11 3/13/11 2/26/11 11/2/10 10/23/10 12/17/10 12/28/10 12/14/10 10/19/10 10/19/10 1/10/11 12/31/10 3/14/11 3/31/11 2/28/11 2/19/11 In Remembrance E LIZABETH TAYLOR, a SAG Life Achievement Award honoree in 1997, died March 23 at age 79. The one- time child star would go on to make more than 50 films and win Oscars for Butterfield 8 and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Other notable films included National Velvet, Father of the Bride, Giant and Cleopatra. In 2001, Taylor was given a Presidential Citizens Medal for her humanitarian work, most notably for being a pioneering AIDS activist, helping raise more than $200 million for AIDS research and bringing international attention to the epidemic. Gregory Peck accepted the SAG Life Achievement Award on Taylor’s behalf, reading a message from her: “This award is especially important to me because it’s given by my peers. Not only for my first career, acting, but for what has now become my life, the eradication of the AIDS epidemic. As we all know, ours was one of the first industries to be directly and dramatically affected by the AIDS epidemic. And it’s heartening to me that this community has risen to the challenge.” • Special auto loan rates for model years 2006 - 2011 • Great rates for model years 2005 and older • Apply now and get preapproved before you shop • We handle all DMV transfers • Repayment terms to best meet your needs • GAP/Extended Warranty coverage available AFTRA-SAG Federal Credie Union Membership required AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union Membership required Spring 2011 - SCREEN ACTOR 43 Call, st op by or apply online t aftrasagfcu. www. oday! org Burb ank • Sherman Oaks • Los Angeles vice Center Memb er Ser 818. 56 2.34 00

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