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AT THE TASTING PANEL, ASKING US TO PICK OUR FAVORITE CATEGORY OF SPIRITS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK, BECAUSE LET’S FACE IT, WE ARE ALL NOW LIVING IN A WIDE AND VARIED WORLD OF BRANDS. NONETHELESS, WE RECENTLY CHOSE TO HIGHLIGHT LIQUEURS, WITH A LINE-UP OF NOTABLES THAT WE BELIEVE ARE DESERVING OF THEIR MOMENT IN THE SUN. THE PARTY TOOK PLACE AT LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB IN BEVERLY HILLS, WHERE A CROWD OF VIP CONSUMERS AND TRADE GATHERED FOR A LITTLE SCHOOLING ON THIS EVOLVING CATEGORY. WITH THEIR CREAMY, DREAMY, COFFEE-INFUSED, BLACKBERRY BLISS, FLOWERY SYRUP, ANISE-AT- HEART, LEMON CAKE CHARM OR ORANGE PEEL–LACED PERSONAS, IT’S OFFICIAL . . . We Lique Liqueurs! photos by Jeremie Fremaux CHARTREUSE: The Coolest Colors in Cocktails Why we lique Chartreuse: Both Green and Yellow Chartreuse are leading the modern mixology cavalry, with bartenders worldwide falling in love with the centuries-old recipe, originally created by Carthusian monks. With a beautifully complex flavor profile, Green Chartreuse is made from 130 differ- ent herbs and botani- cals, while the Yellow expression offers a slightly sweet version that glides across the palate with a rich ribbon of saffron deliciousness. Fall in love with: If you’re a bartender who takes your craft seriously, these are two products you need on your backbar. Yellow Chartreuse makes a flavorful swap for simple syrup in any cocktail recipe, and the Green can enhance the profile of any cocktail with just a half-ounce pour. “Chartreuse is both a starter kit and an advanced tool for mixologists today,” explains Tim Master, Director of Education for Frederick Wildman. Frederick Wildman & Sons 86 / the tasting panel / june 201 1 PATRóN XO CAFÉ: Get Creative with Coffee Why we lique Patrón XO Café: The coffee-based liqueur made with 70-proof Patrón Silver has been a longtime favorite of any mixologist worth his or her snuff, but as we discovered, Patrón XO Café is also a chef’s dream come true. “Because it is higher in proof than many liqueurs, we’re seeing a lot of chefs using Patrón XO Café as a reduction in everything from sauces to syrups,” says Grant Berentsen, Southern California Regional Manager for Patrón. Fall in love with: This liqueur’s kitchen- to-bar-and-back crossover appeal is a no-brainer, as was evidenced by the specially-made XO Café flan we sampled at Lawry’s. Chefs, get thee to thy kitchen and play! Patrón XO Café’s cross- over appeal whetted our appetite when paired with a caramel flan. Patrón Spirits

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