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June/July 2014

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Dear Readers, W hat's your favorite season? For many people, it's summer. Even here in So Cal where it's mild year round, summer comes along and we feel suddenly lighter and freer. We emerge from our cocoons and every- one seems more open and friendly. Maybe it's early conditioning. All through every childhood fall, winter and spring we got up early, navigated school transport, sat in a classroom all day and labored over homework at night, so when June finally rolled around it felt some- thing akin to being released from prison. If anybody had told me that I might ac- tually choose, in my adult life, work that requires me to sit at a desk for much of the day, I doubt I'd have believed it. Al- though I now have some distinct advan- tages over my childhood enforced desk sitting: I choose my sub- jects, and I can get up and move around when my legs (or mind) get restless. And I do that a lot, restless or not, because I know how important it is for my health and even life ex- pectancy that I not sit end- lessly. [Reader cue: Stand up right now, stretch and take a few deep breaths.] Here's another cool adult thing I get to do: choose where and how I want to spend my pre- cious time off. I love to travel but when I'm home, a spa visit works well as a mini-vacation. We sent five writers to five different Southland spas to test the waters for you, and the results are surprising (pg. 26)—every spa offers something unique and special. I hope you'll give them an opportunity to show you why we chose them for inclusion. Be sure to tell them you saw it in Whole Life Times! Nature offers an opportunity to re- lax, heal and reconnect with the earth that we just don't get in freeway heaven/ hell. Happily John Muir figured out a long time ago that vast expanses of unsullied land are important to our well-being, and campaigned to raise the awareness that led to establishment of our national parks (pg. 24). We're celebrating the anniversa- ry of his death in this issue, but it's really Muir's life that made the greatest impres- sion on our landscape. We are fortunate to have 27 National Park Service units (including monuments, historic sites etc.) in California. They offer inexpensive, beautiful getaways. There are many reasons to want to get away, but perhaps the least common is spiritual introspection. I spent three glorious days in silence this spring, and you'll find out more about it on page 21. Having taken good care of my soul, it was time to nurture my body at an all-vegan, pet friendly resort in Mendocino (pg. 22). Who even knew such a place exists? If you do travel this summer, take along our yoga travel tips to help you stave off restless legs in transit (pg. 18). And if you just can't get away? Try living like a Hawaiian right where you are (pg. 14). With all this focus on outreach to new places, WLT is also ready to get out and about. We've been brainstorming about expansion, have come up with some fun ideas, and would like to find a business partner interest- ed in helping us develop our brand in new ways. If you are such a person, or know such a person, we'd love to hear from you. The person should have access to capital or an un- derstanding of the mech- anisms for raising it. We have big dreams and while big dreams don't necessarily require a big budget, it definitely helps. Have a fabulous first part of your summer and remember that our advertis- ers make this magazine possible. Please give them some business love cause we can't do it without them. Equally import- ant, they are all interesting, passionate people who share your vision. From my heart, from the editor All images must be high resolution (300dpi at 100% print size). All Inclusive 3-Day Event $249 6 wholelifetimesmagazine.com WLT-JUN-JULY-26.indd 6 5/26/14 2:08 PM

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