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PETER AMIES London's SGO has appointed Peter Amies training & education mentor. He will play a major role in managing the company's training strategy for its Mistika and Mamba FX software solutions for the global education sector. Amies worked at New Zealand' s P ark Road P ost Production f or six years, first in their film laboratory, and then as an in-house post production coordinator, manag- ing workflow and delivery for a r ange of shor t- form and f eature-length projects through the laboratory, DI and sound departments. He began his career at Norwa y's Cinevation, where he worked as a product manager f or the Cinevator film recorder line . ERIC CLEMENT Montréal's Cinesite has hired Canadian CG supervisor Eric Clement, who br ings a w ealth of experience in the visual effects industry. Clem- ent was pre viously at Mo dusFX, whe re he worked as a visual eff ects super visor on This is the End, The Le gend of Sar ila and March of the Dinosaurs. Some of his other credits include work on Journey to the Center of the Ear th, Slither, Final Destination 3 and Fantastic Four . Clement initially tr ained as a civil engineer , and subse - quently gained computer graphics qualifications before moving into TV and commercial w ork in 1996. In addition to ModusFX, he also worked at Meteor Studio. LUCAS ESKIN Editor Lucas Eskin has joined Cut+Run, which has locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, New York and Austin. A Santa Monica native, Eskin came of age at Mad Riv er Post, and later joined Beast (then Filmcore) as senior editor in 2009. His credits include work on the Apple vs. PC campaign f or TBWA\Chiat\Day, n umerous Nike spots f or Wieden & Kennedy , and GM' s Robot Super Bo wl spot. His f irst project at Cut+Run was a spot for the Newport Beach Film Festival. MICHAEL SULLIVAN Editor Michael Sullivan has joined the roster at creative editorial boutique Red Car in New York City. He was most recentl y at Gramercy Park, and brings editorial experience, as well as a resume that includes recording, sound design and mixing credits. AMIES CLEMENT SILVER GEIER ESKIN SULLIVAN Sullivan came to New York from his nativ e Texas in the ear ly 2000s after secur ing a spot to study acting at the American Academy of Dr a- matic Arts. His background composing electronic music, working as a DJ and pla ying guitar helped him acquire audio production skills, which in turn led to a job as an engineer at a r adio station. An interest in editing led to freelance positions, where he ev entually became a senior editor , working with studios such as Outside Edit, Ber- wyn Editor ial, Spot Welders, P ost Millennium, Cut+Run, WildChild and 1st Ave Machine . As a staff editor with Gramercy Park, he cut spots for Land Rover, Kleenex, and HTC . DAN SILVER The newl y-formed Riptide Music Group in LA has named Dan Silver vice president of creative. Riptide' s ser vices include the w orld- wide synchronization of m usic f or adv ertising, trailers, TV, f ilm and videogames. The compan y also provides ser vices for the inter national col- lection of pub lishing royalties. As VP of creativ e, Silver will oversee creative operations and mar- keting. His duties will r ange from producing ar t- ists, creating tr ailer music, and r unning Riptide's studio, to ser ving as a client creativ e liaison. Silver had previousl y been Riptide Music' s senior producer for the past 12 years. He is also a co-founder and talent curator of the Quantum Collective, a m usic mar keting collectiv e that brings musicians, ar tists, celebrities and consum- er br ands together through or iginal progr ams and live events. TIM HAYWARD LA's Gentleman Scholar has added Tim Hayward as the studio' s CG super visor. He br ings over a decade of exper ience in VFX and animation. CAMILLE GEIER Montreal-based VFX studio Rodeo FX has added Camille Geier to its management team. As an EP, she will w ork in New York City and on the East Coast to increase the studio' s US pres - ence. Geier br ings more than 20 y ears of VFX experience to her new role . She was tr ained at ILM and has produced VFX f or f ilms such as Gangs of New York, Van Helsing and The Adjustment Bureau. She's known Rodeo FX's president Sebas- tien Moreau for a dozen years.

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