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Page 22 of 43 Post • March 2014 21 Stephen Arnold Music looks ahead D ALLAS — Stephen Arnold Music (www.stephenarnold- specializes in sonic branding, and recognizes that the fragmentation of viewership in traditional broadcast TV has had huge implications on the music business. As view- ers are now consuming media across any number of devices and platforms, the company says it has to be extremely nimble and forward-thinking. It also recognizes that because so much content is being created and consumed, there is a huge oppor tunity. While they offer a highly-curated library, the company still has an aggressive release schedule of four volumes a month. In fact, The Vault, which the company describes as the "anti library" has doubled in size in just 12 months and is expected to double again this year — all without any loss in quality. Some of its new collections include Song Zu and Anno Domini Nation. Song Zu is specialized music for advertising and contains everything from upbeat rock cuts for sports programming to fun and quirky tracks. The tracks come from Sydney and Singa- pore. Stephan Arnold Music recently rolled out Volumes 9 and 10, with another eight in the production cue for release throughout 2014. Anno Domini Nation features beats and producers that have worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop. There are currently eight volumes available, with five more slated for release throughout 2014. CSS Music adds six royalty- free titles L OS ANGELES — Royalty-free music and sound effects provider CSS Music ( has released six new music volumes con- sisting on 246 tracks. The new addi- tions are available for download and expand the company's library to near- ly 13,000 tracks. One of the releases is an offering from film composer David Wurst — "Super Themes Volume 73 – Big Screen 10 (The Power of Passion)." Other releases include Powertrax's Volume 27 "Electronic Dance, Dub Step and Club Pop," and Volume 28 "Roots Revival (The New Sound of Rock)." The company has also added Volume 35 "Chart Rockin' 2," featuring the latest in contemporary rock sounds, and Volume 36 "Reality TV," a blend of soft and alternative rock genres, to its Repro-file Plus library. CSS's budget library, Target Trax, was updated with Volume 57 "Dance." All six volumes are available in .wav (44.1kHz/48kHz), .aif (44.1kHz), Apple Lossless (44.1kHz), and .mp3 (320kbs) formats. Music is also available on CD, DVD and hard drive. Prices are based on the length of the track and the library (they have 17) it comes from. Prices range from $7 to $40. Low-resolution 22kHz .mp3 downloads are also available for as low as $4. And users can download tracks for preview purposes for free. CSS offers bulk download packages that start at $199 for 20 downloads and progress through five pricing tiers to 1,000 downloads for $1,995. Down- loads never expire and come with a lifetime blanket license. Pro Sound Effects targets freelancers N EW YORK — Pro Sound Effects ( is targeting freelance audio professionals with its Hybrid Library, a collection of well over 50,000 sound elements delivered on a USB 3.0 drive. David Forshee is content & communications specialist at Pro Sound Effects and says the release is geared toward freelancers who regularly work with studios that have large libraries, but need their own collection when moving from project to project. "Big studios and production houses are a big part of our business, but we do want freelancers to have the same opportunity to have a big library," he explains. "Many freelancers have worked for studios with large collections, but on their own, they are lost. The idea behind the Hybrid Library is to get a huge, high-quality library to freelancers." The Hybrid Library is priced at $2,500 and includes collections from Blastwave FX, The Foundation Sound Effects Library, Sonopedia 2.0, and Sound Control SE, along with a number of others. Freelancers need to fill out a shor t application to receive the special pricing. Additionally, once they become a Hybrid Library customer, they will be offered yearly expansions for $500. The collection is delivered on a Pro Sound Effects-branded Western Digital drive. The col- lection takes up 375GBs on the 500GB drive. Elements are presented as .wav files, ranging from 16-bit/48kHz to 24-bit/96kHz. Sound Search, Preview, Download! • Copyright clear / NO re-titled music • Use in Unlimited Productions • NO Account Required • Waveform + Metatag Searching • Special Licensing for Film & TV Royalty Free Music You'll Be Proud to Use! 800-468-6874 Royalty Free Music You'll Be Proud to Use! Post Ad-2-7-14_Layout 1 2/11/14 10:55 AM Page 1

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