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March 2011

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Dell Unveils Business Computing Solutions Dell has announced 24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including laptop, tablet, desktop, and workstation computers, in one of the company’s largest product introductions. Dell, intending to provide businesses the Power To Do More, has launched the Dell Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520, and E6420 ATG laptops; XT3 convertible tablet; OptiPlex 990, 790, and 390 desktops; OptiPlex small form factor all-in-one solu- tion; Precision T1600 desktop worksta- tion; and Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations. The new Latitude E family and Latitude XT3 convertible tablet include more than 100 design improve- ments and a range of new features to meet evolving business needs, including increased security and manageability. The Latitude E5420 and E5520 laptops are for budget-conscientious profession- als, whereas the Latitude E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520, and E6420 ATG busi- ness-rugged laptops are designed for demanding conditions. The new Latitude laptops feature a completely new design; enhanced security via Dell Data Protec- tion, Remote Data Delete, and Free Fall Sensor protection; commonality across models; a backlit keyboard option; and Intel second-gen Core processors. Secure, fl exible, and manageable desk- tops, the new OptiPlex systems offer tool- free access to system components; small footprints and more chassis options; and new Intel vPro processor technology. Dell Precision high-performance, scal- able workstations are purpose built for graphics and compute-intensive applica- tions, such as special effects, animation, and digital imaging. The new Dell Precision T1600 work- station features ISV certifi cation on Auto- CAD, Pro/Engineer, and other select software; Intel second-generation Core and Xeon processors; AMD and Nvidia graphics; and a tool-less chassis. The Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations are designed for users who need raw horsepower, scalable performance, and certifi ed operation. Dell’s new KACE appliances PRODUCT: WORKSTATIONS The Foundry Upgrades Nuke, NukeX The Foundry has upgraded versions of its compositing applications, Nuke and NukeX, to Version 6.2, which incorpo- rates image-based modeling and projec- tion tools for creating and using scene geometry in visual effects. Nuke 6.2’s improved rendering perfor- mance, fl ip-book playback, 2D tracker interaction, expression editor and fi le browser enhancements, and new time- line Dope Sheet, for manipulating anima- tion key frames and interactively position- ing and trimming read clips, combine to improve productivity and workfl ow. NukeX 6.2 adds new image-based modeling tools to help artists automati- cally create simple scene geometry by combining a tracked 3D camera with a selection of 2D image features. Version 6.2 provides new ways to reference and re-apply composited elements into live-action scenes effi ciently and realis- 4 PRODUCT: COMPOSITING March 2011 tically, taking advantage of new dense point-cloud generation and automatic calibration of projection cameras from 2D images and geometry. NukeX 6.2 also boasts Pixar RenderMan Pro Server support, enabling the alignment of Nuke- rendered scenes with the rest of the 3D pipeline, matching motion blur and depth of fi eld, and providing fl exible control of rendering capabilities, such as raytraced shadows and refl ections. automate time-consuming, manual IT tasks, helping companies quickly deploy and manage new business computing solutions. KACE provides hardware and software inventory, software distribution, patch management, and OS and appli- cation imaging. Dell Data Protection Encryption, avail- able with Dell’s new computing solu- tions, is a fl exible, auditable endpoint encryption solution that helps customers simplify data protection and comply with security regulations. Pricing for the Latitude E5000 series starts at $859, OptiPlex 390 pricing begins at $650, and the Precision T1600 workstation cost starts at $840.

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