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March 2011

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March 2011 • Vol. 34 • Number 2 Innovations in visual computing for D C C professionals Features COVER STORY Claim Jumpers 10Industrial Light & Magic partners up with director Gore Verbinski, drawing on its VFX experience to create the CG animated feature Rango. By Barbara Robertson Commercial Success 10 36 21 Departments Editor’s Note Where’s the Creativity? 2Following some poor performances in past years, this year’s Super Bowl ads scored relatively high in terms of their creativity and VFX. Spotlight 4 Products Dell’s Latitude laptops, tablet, OptiPlex desktops and small form-factor solution, and Precision workstations and mobile workstations. The Foundry’s Nuke and NukeX Version 6.2. News Workstation market continues steady growth. PC graphics chip shipments fall short of expectations. Okino’s CAD conversion system for SolidWorks 2011. Viewpoint 8 Social rendering. xxxxxxxxxxxx Portfolio 42 Khalid Al-Muharraqi. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Back Products 47 Recent product releases. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Vicon’s T-Series cameras. Nvidia’s NVS 300. 44 21 This year’s Super Bowl ads serve up a wide range of digital effects, By Karen Moltenbrey Cry Wolf retelling of Red Riding Hood. By Barbara Robertson including an all-CG epic-style invasion, dogs that are the life of the party, a grateful beaver, a black beetle on the go, a car heist that’s over the top, and TV icons who show their team spirit. 32 A CG werewolf and digital sets help set the stage for a modern-day Mother of Invention 36 In its last performance, ImageMovers Digital creates an out-of-this-world By Barbara Robertson Recruitment 44 Double Negative’s talent manager offers some career advice for those seeking positions at DNeg as well as other VFX facilities. Use a Web-enabled smartphone to access the stories tagged with QR codes in this issue. If your phone does not have the required software, download a reader free of charge at SEE IT IN • Director Gore Verbinski and ILM discuss the making of Rango. • How audio enhances video games. • Focus on storage in the studio. • The challenges of posting reality TV. ON THE COVER At fi rst glance, the partnership of live-action director Gore Verbinski and legendary VFX studio ILM on an animated movie seems as out of place as, well, a Hawaiian shirt-clad chame- leon in a western. But in the CG feature Rango, both pairings couldn’t be more perfect. See pg. 10. March 2011 1 CG experience, using its performance-capture technology for the animated feature fi lm Mars Needs Moms.

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