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Sound Libraries The 22GB library comes on its own hard drive. Foundation SFX library’s game roots are showing N EW YORK — Pro Sound Effects ( has released the Foun- dation Sound Effects Library, which was produced by game sound design ex- pert Stephan Schütze.The library currently offers 16,006 sound effects, culled from Schütze’s non-stop recording work throughout Australia,Asia and North America. The Foundation Sound Effects Library weighs in at 22GB and is delivered on a USB 2.0, 320GB LaCie Rikiki hard drive that includes sound effects search software. Free sound effects updates are delivered digitally every three months. The Foundation Sound Effects Library contains a wealth of contemporary sound effects recordings organized in categories such as animals, ambiences, vehicles, indus- trial machinery, domestic sounds and weather. Other audio elements allow for the creation of a limitless number of sound events. “I have been passionate about pushing game sound design to the next level by creating sound environments that generate in realtime during game-play,” notes Schütze.“The Foundation Library has been tailored to provide the raw materials to create these environments. Sonic building blocks are also a core part of my teaching methods as they encourage the next generation to create their own worlds instead of borrowing existing ones.” Elements are provided in the 16-bit/48kHz broadcast Wav file format. Pro Sound Effects is offering an introductory price of $1,995, and readers can down- load 25 free sound effects by visiting the company’s Website. ALLAS — FirstCom Music ( has relaunched its Website, making it easier for clients to access industry specific music. “The cloud-based search and networking capabilities, like those found on social networking sites, makes accessing the new site faster and increases the speed of downloading music,” explains FirstCom Music’s VP/GM Carol Riffert. “Additionally, the quick search and advanced search filters were engineered to be more intuitive and to yield highly-ac- curate results.” The “Themed playlists”fea- ture is new to the site and of- fers a pre-selected group of tracks for popular production categories. New “quick search” and “advanced search” options allow users to look deeply into the more than 150,000 tracks of music of- fered by FirstCom.Also, online licensing and cue sheet generation now makes it easy for users to report their music usage. Last fall, FirstCom added the MasterSource catalog to its collection of li- FirstCom site simplifies searches D FirstCom’s relaunched Website. braries, further growing its film and television offerings.The library was founded in 1990 by musician Marc Ferrari and was designed to feature original songs with vocals, composed and produced by A-list talent.The li- brary features over 400 different artists and over 8,000 tracks. Megatrax turns 20 N ORTH HOLLYWOOD — Megatrax Music ( will spend its 20th anniversary year highlighting its third-party catalogs, starting with LA Riot, the creation of Chronic Music and Killer Edge founders Eric Cunningham and Chris Lang.The catalog came to Megatrax in 2008, offering high-energy extreme sports tracks, shredding rock, techno, hip-hip and groovy/retro styles. This month Megatrax will showcase the LA Riot tracks at a party, as well as at subsequent anniversary events. Since Megatrax was founded, the library has expanded beyond its origi- nal flagship catalog to a total of nine music catalogs.These include Amusi- com, Beat Bites, Intervox, Sensacion,The Scene,Tonal Injection and LA Riot. They also have an indie artist label, Marquee Music. Its facility in North Hollywood spans 14,000 square feet and includes multiple recording studios and editing suites. 38 Post • June 2010

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