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An interesting note about Costanzo is that he's a former magician, who still does the occasional magic show. It's the hand/eye coordination skills of being a magician that allow him to excel at performing Foley, or at least, it helped him get his first Foley job at Sound One in New York. "Now," he says, "I make balloons, because it's easier to keep them in my pocket. I can't keep 20 tricks, but I can keep a packet of balloons. I can still entertain. I've always been an entertainer." When Costanzo first started out, he was able to do less than 100 Foley cues a day because that's how fast the technology at that time would allow him to go. "We were working on 35mm stripe," he recalls. "All our machines would roll back at speed, and roll forward at speed. That was as fast as you could go. Eventually, there were high-speed dubbing machines, so the machines could fast forward and roll back faster. That was a big innovation at the time." With digital technology, Costanzo says he's able to perform nearly 400 Foley cues in a day. "If it's footsteps, and they're all pretty similar," he says, "then you can knock out hundreds of cues in a day. The biggest change in my career has been the jump to digital. With digital video, you just punch in a number and you go right to the spot.You don't wait for the roll back. You're already listening to it, or you're going on to the next cue." Foley artist Marko Costanzo at work on C5's wellequipped stage. Get the blazing-fast performance and superior interactivity you need in all your most challenging projects. Nothing accelerates results throughout Adobe® Creative Cloud™ and Creative Suite like NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs. Adobe offers full support for leading-edge professional NVIDIA graphics solutions, so creative artists and video editors always get the best possible performance, when and where it's needed. CREATE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES NVIDIA® GPUs POWER ADOBE CREATIVE TOOLS Get The Advantage. To learn more and find an authorized reseller near you go to: © 2013 NVIDIA Corporation. NVIDIA, the NVIDIA logo, Quadro are trademarks or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the United States and other countries. The PNY logo is a registered trademark of PNY Technologies, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. Copyright © 2013 PNY Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. } Support for any system brand } Three-year hardware warranty } Toll-free phone and email technical support Post • November 2013 29

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