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OUTLOOK EMBRACING Companies can no longer rely only on print and television spots to promote their brand.They need to find their way to the digital world with rich media Websites, videos, apps for handhelds and evolving technology, such as gesture recognition. This is a brave new world, and finding new ways to reach your desired audience has never been easier as more and more digital companies are prepared to help with the journey… but these part- ners need to do it right the first time or risk turning off their clients to all the benefits this new world holds. GARRETT NANTZ Chief Creative Officer/Co-Founder Luxurious Animals New York The two-and-a-half-year-old Luxurious Animals is an Adobe Creative Suite-based digital agency focusing on live action, in- teractive and social media work with an emphasis on storytelling.They work with brands such as Porsche, Lufthansa, Es- quire and New Balance. STRENGTHS: “Everybody is looking for a way to deliver a new innovative voice to their customers, and the Web space allows for so many different kinds of information to flow.You can create a social media touch point or de- liver a video online, or you can have a more in- teractive Website, whether it be a game, a mi- crosite, or a rich media banner.There are just so many opportunities within this space to talk to consumers.” WEAKNESSES: “The weakness we are fac- ing right now is there is a such a fragmentation of the digital marketplace. It used to be much more straightforward. Just having a Website was enough for people to learn something about your brand. Now you need to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, videos on YouTube and a mobile app on top of a regular Website.There are so many different types of communication. On one hand it’s a strength that you can speak in so many different ways. On the other hand, it’s hard to find what is the right balance of communication for your brand.The new unspoken mantra is that companies have to do everything in the digital space. I believe this is a mistake.” 34 Post • December 2010 Interactivity OPPORTUNITIES: “Consumer equipment is getting cheaper to own. Now, people don’t think of their personal desktop computer or their laptop or their mobile device as being separate. So the op- portunity exists where, if you create once and publish everywhere, you can create a model that will allow your brand to flow through all these different pieces.” THREATS: “People are still trying to figure out how to market to consumers in the digital space. It often feels like a contest that someone believes is winnable. Even companies that are only 10 years old are having trouble changing with consumers’ tastes be- cause there is such a huge digital fragmentation. “We just did a piece for Lufthansa using gesture recognition.The technology has been around a while but now is becoming cheap enough that it makes more sense — Xbox Kinect is using it now. The basic idea is that a camera detects your movement allowing you to navigate around just using your body.Technology is changing so quickly that it’s difficult to know for sure what is going to res- onate more with consumers.” Luxurious Animals created a gesture recognition project for airline Lufthansa. OUTLOOK ON 2011:“Brands are going to finally want to focus on how new technology can be useful and not just cool in the marketplace.These companies will look for partners who can cre- ate digital properties that can bring both buzz and generate rev- enue opportunities.” NEW MEDIA By Randi Altman

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