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Summer 2024

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30 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2024 B Y F A R A H B U N C H D E P A R T M E N T H E A D M A K E - U P FRASIER Working on Frasier has been a great opportunity to revisit an absolute classic, and give it modern flair. It's a veteran multicam sitcom, and we're veteran multicam sitcom artists. We thought, "Let's stay true to the original, but with fresh updated looks." But in multicam make-up and hair, there are rules. With Luke O'Connor and Farah Bunch coming from Will & Grace, and Bruce Grayson working on classics like Just Shoot Me and News Radio, we know there is a difference in how you approach a multicamera, versus how you would a single camera or film. With all the lights overhead, and the live audience waiting, you don't get time to tweak or ask for adjustments. It's like Broadway. So being shiny isn't real, it's distracting. A bald head can be prism, and too subtle a make-up will not read and your actor won't look "alive." Be ready on show night because there's no fixing things. It's "in the can." In a multicamera, you have four cameras and they're set much further away from the actors so that a whole scene can be completed with the cameras moving and dancing around each other without cutting for the audience's enjoyment. Because of the distance to cameras, our looks have to be bigger and bolder than they would on a film or they won't read. For example, in the picture of the rash on Kelsey, Bruce created a stencil that looked like a rash. en the hand drew in more highlight with the European Body Art Palette. He started subtle but added more and more when we tested it in front of the cameras in order for it to read because the cameras are far and the lighting again, is only overhead. Another difference in a multicamera, is that we create a hero look that, one, identifies your character to the audience, because two, we don't have time for make-up and hair changes. When the first AD says "Moving On," literally all the cameraman and the entire crew move to the next set and they say "action." So, unless it is a special party or a wedding, we stick to that hero look. A great example is on Jennifer Aniston, Rachel on Friends. She had that classic natural look and rose nude lip color and classic Rachel hair all the time. It's a look you'll always remember. M O D E R N I Z I N G A C L ASS I C

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