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18 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2024 CRAFT EDUCATION Empowering Through Learning B Y C L A I R E A L E X A N D R A D O Y L E M A K E - U P C R A F T E D U C A T I O N P R E S I D E N T On March 24, 2024, we hosted our Make-Up Craft Meeting at IATSE Local 80. Beginning with the next term election, I, Make-up Craft Education President, along with Secretary Nicole Artmont, were nominated and reelected uncontested. As we begin this new term, I must take a moment to reflect on the last two years and share how proud I am that we have created these educational and social events for our members with great success. We have hosted nine craft events (some hybrid, in-person and even one over Zoom) with introductions to more than 40 new brands! It's truly incredible, and I am excited that we will continue to do this work over the next two-year term. This event brought the following presentations: Goodbye Glue, luxury make-up line of Givenchy Beauty, and digital content creation networking site Creatorland. First Entertainment Credit Union returned to present and sponsored refreshments. Local 706 make-up artist Karen Stein came to show her brand, The Tear Jerker in-person for those who attended her demo over our Zoom craft meeting in December 2023. Local 706 hair stylist Moira Fraizer discussed her digital production book, and Local 706 make-up artist Michelle Sfarzo gave a sampling and demo from her Tattoo Recreation Class. It is with great pride to highlight 706 artists who create businesses to help empower and educate our members. Nicole and I look forward to continuing to highlight our Local 706 artists, with their skills and businesses, both at the craft meetings and here in The Artisan. Michelle Sfarzo's introduction to the world of make-up began in the theater and would later carry over to her film and TV career. "Going backstage and changing actors over in minutes was always something that really excited me. You can completely change or enhance their look, and you can do it FAST with a little bit of glue, water, and pigment! These skills create texture and history to your characters, and it can really take your make-up artistry skills to the next level of realism. "Over time, I found that sometimes it was really difficult for our shows to get tattoos made in a timely manner. In some instances, it became very costly to our budgets and in result, the production would get rid of the idea all together; thus sacrificing the look of our character. When we would be on location, it would be even harder for us and sometimes we would have to overnight orders contributing to the anxiety of "will this be in the mail on time?!" That's when I told myself I would just start making my own; empowering me to have more control over the situations and circumstances." In 2023, Michelle spoke about the tattoo making and recreation process to a networking event with fellow make-up artists. "I was surprised to find out that yes, everyone or mostly everyone knows how to apply the tattoos in the trailer, but not many know the process from start to finish on how these tattoos are made." Michelle, along with the help of fellow union make- up artist Shannon Trigger, created her Tattoo Workshop Class. "I really wanted to make this class accessible for everyone and create a safe space to learn and make mistakes. I truly believe you must make those mistakes to learn why something works, along with what doesn't work; and physically seeing it was really helpful for my students. Whether you are going to take this skill and make your own tattoos or not, I feel it is important to me that everyone know the basics of the process. So far, we have offered eight classes now and more than 70 students have taken this workshop." Michelle continues to educate fellow artists through her Temporary Tattoo Workshop, which you can find out more about on Instagram at @Michellesfarzomakeup

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