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July-Aug-Sep 2023

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2 cgw j u ly • a u g u s t • s e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3 BREAKING BARRIERS & MAKING CONNECTIONS rtificial intelligence is seemingly relevant to every aspect of computer graphics this year, with countless new features promising maximized efficiency and in- creased creativity for industry professionals. With SIGGRAPH's historic 50th an- nual conference on the horizon, we are eager to explore the latest developments in the realm of generative AI and machine learning. In this issue of CGW, we will be focusing on groundbreaking new applications for AI in virtual production, video editing, visual effects, animation, and beyond. Our coverage cele- brates the potential of these game-changing features to dissolve limitations and build new bridges throughout the computer graphics industry. Our cover story dives into the innovative production pipeline for Elemental, Pixar's latest animated feature. Fire, water, earth, and air are brought to life as multifaceted characters in the delightful new story, and the main characters are driven entirely by visual effects. With complex simulations required for every frame of the film, the extent of effects work was unprecedented for a Pixar project. The production team dynamically re-engineered their animation workflow to transform the film's concept into a reality on screen. Pixar harnessed the power of machine learning technology to streamline the project's innovative production process. The team implemented proprietary tools for intelligent character development, visual effects, and more, including a specialized denoising tool that is trained on previous Pixar content. With such an efficient workflow, the team had more time for personal interactions and on-and-on discussions. "Babies were born during this production. We lost people during the production," recalls director Peter Sohn. "I can't just see the shots anymore. I see the people that made them." This issue spotlights the Emmy-nominated visual effects that Wētā FX created for HBO's The Last of Us. Delivering close to 500 effects shots for the post-apocalyptic series, the team craed hordes of terrifying infected creatures, a menagerie of CG animals, com- plex battle sequences, detailed environmental set extensions, and much more. Our coverage also showcases groundbreaking new applications for AI in various realms of post production. Additionally, we explore the ways that AI can break down language bar- riers and improve communication across the globe. "We see AI not as a replacement for human translators, but rather as a means of increasing efficiency," shares XL8 CEO Tim Jung. "The greater the demand for content, the more demand there will be for AI to assist in its translation at a faster and more accurate rate." This issue also details the importance of content security in media and entertainment, plus new frontiers in virtual production. This includes the cutting-edge field of virtual con- tent multiplication and the convergence of virtual and remote production workflows. Zixi senior director Kevin Parks notes, "Remote production and virtual production might have followed separate paths up until now, but some of the crossover between them could mean that another period of rapid technological change is coming up." Join CGW as we explore the innovative advancements that are breaking down boundar- ies and building new connections across the computer graphics industry today." A R E C E N T A W A R D S E D I T O R I A L CGW MANAGING EDITOR Kendra Ruczak t: 818.291.1168 POST EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marc Loftus t: 516.376.1087 PUBLISHER/PRESIDENT/CEO William R. 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