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July-Aug-Sep 2023

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18 cgw j u ly • a u g u s t • s e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3 K eeping content safe from leaks and security breaches is more important than ever in the media and entertainment industry. Trusted Partner Network, or TPN, is a standardized, mea- surable, and industry-wide content security compliance and assurance initiative and platform for content owners, service provid- ers, soware application providers, as well as the assessors who are members of the program. We recently caught up with Terri Davies, president, and Kari Gru- bin, membership services director with TPN, as well as TPN member Mara Froehlich, head of production at Alps Studios, to gather some insight into TPN developments and how it's being used to help keep content secure. Let's dive in and learn more. C G W : W E ' V E B E E N H E A R I N G A L O T A B O U T T P N , Y O U R N E W M E M B E R S H I P S T R U C T U R E , A N D T H E T P N + P L A T F O R M . C A N Y O U T E L L U S M O R E A B O U T T H E R E C E N T E N H A N C E M E N T S ? TPN has raised the security bar across the media and entertainment industry, bringing visibility and transparency to content security re- quirements, now including soware applications as well. The TPN membership program is accelerating how service providers and soware application vendors can report their security status to their customers, the content owners. This, in turn, provides content own- ers with greater visibility into the security preparedness of the entire set of services and soware applications being used for a service provider's content ecosystem. Plus, soware application vendors now have a central platform to participate in and showcase their own vested interest and commitment to security. Duplicate content security reporting efforts have dropped signifi- cantly since we launched in February this year, and our membership pricing model is more accessible and equitable, ensuring service and soware providers of all sizes can participate in the program. Regardless of whether companies are working on site, on multiple sites around the world, remotely, or in the cloud, TPN is a framework that now addresses these issues that were previously challenging for content owners, service providers, and soware application vendors alike. C G W : W H Y S H O U L D A P O S T H O U S E , V F X H O U S E , E D I T I N G F A C I L I T Y, L O C A L I Z A T I O N P R O V I D E R , O R A N Y O T H E R C R E A T I V E S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R B E A P A R T O F T P N ? Previously, a media and entertainment service provider would be required to report its security status and preparedness to each cus- tomer. This created a great deal of duplicate work and effort. Now, the enhanced TPN+ platform offers a centralized global community space, resource, and source of truth for content security prepared- ness, which is shared with all member content owner companies. We've refined our MPA [Motion Picture Association] Best Prac- tices and TPN security questionnaire, and custom-built the TPN+ platform with a keen focus on a straightforward user experience. What previously took weeks can now take a day or less, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes for a company to participate, centrally communicate, and self-manage multiple layers of securi- ty status and assessments. Sometimes we liken TPN to a mini-GRC [governance, risk, and compliance] tool; a tool to help companies truly understand their full content security stack and the gover- nance, risk, and compliance that surrounds it. Via the TPN+ platform, service providers can also identify what licensed or in-house developed soware applications they're using in their media supply chain. This creates an opportunity for soware application vendors to verify their own content security prepared- ness or share other non-TPN security certificates they may have achieved such as ISO or SOC2. It also provides a competitive land- scape of who is TPN-certified and highlights the fact that they are forward-thinking and putting a great deal of effort into keeping their customers' content safe and secure. C G W : W H A T A R E T H E B E N E F I T S F O R A S M A L L E R - S I Z E D C R E A T I V E C O M P A N Y O R S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R T O J O I N T P N ? We've developed a revenue-based membership pricing model that has ensured TPN is accessible for service providers of all sizes. For service providers with annual revenue under $2 million, their mem- OUTLOOK PRIORITIZING CONTENT SECURITY PREVENTING BREACHES IN THE MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

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