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4 M PS E . O R G Welcome to our Fall 2023 quarterly. You read that correctly, this is our fall edition of MPSE Wavelength! I don't know if it's just me but 2023 seems to be rushing by at a pretty quick pace. I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has been enjoying the summer months, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope it's been a pleasant winter season. I am so very pleased to announce our new column, beginning in this edition of Wavelength, focusing on the craft of game audio. Game audio is one of several areas we've been focused on for a while now, and with the behind-the-scenes attention and planning that our Board committees have been formulating, especially over the last 18 months, we are finally seeing much progress around our game audio active membership. We've had some great support from our gaming membership, and I'd personally like to thank the hard work of Charles Maynes MPSE, Eric Marks MPSE, Phillip Kovacs MPSE, Garrett Montgomery MPSE, and the game audio, membership, rules, and Wavelength committees for all of the hours they each have dedicated helping to define the roles and language of game audio within our MPSE membership. This was no easy feat. Wavelength is introducing "Soundies Meeting Soundies." Our members and cohorts are located all over the world. Sometimes we are fortunate to meet up in person with our fellow sound professionals in our travels, whether it be for on-site work or to just have an opportunity to meet up in person at a local restaurant or pub. We love seeing photos of our friends, mentors, and associates whether at work or enjoying a social visit, and Wavelength wants to share your photos of these memorable moments. Email your photos to and include the names in the photo, the occasion, place, and date. This quarter, we feature "Solange of Hollywood, Queen of Foley" on the cover. Solange S. Schwalbe MPSE has served as a longtime Board member for the MPSE and she now reigns over the Officer seat and gavel as Sergeant at Arms of the Board of Directors. She is an Emmy Award winner and two-time Golden Reel Award winner. Solange opens up to Wavelength contributor Baylon Fonseca MPSE about her career and her journey along the way. Her story is as far from usual as you can imagine. (Pg. 22) Steve Lee and multiple award-winning supervising sound editor and two-time Oscar winner Mark Mangini MPSE, share a great fireside chat about Mark's long and amazing career. (Pg. 36) Eric Marks returns with a remarkable interview with the 2022 Golden Reel Award winners of the Foreign Language Feature, Cliff Walkers (2021), supervising sound editors Jiang Yang MPSE and Nan Zhao MPSE. They share their fascinating review of creating the sound for this crime thriller. (Pg. 60) Javier Quesada MPSE delivers the third in his five-part series breaking down the role of film sound. In part three, Javier shares his examples with clear explanations about "The Embodied Cognition of the Film Through Sound." (Pg. 54) Vickie Rose Sampson MPSE switches things up in her "Dear Dialogue Detective" column by posing the question to her followers: "How do you think AI (artificial intelligence) will affect sound editing and specifically, ADR and group ADR in the future?" This turned out to be quite the interesting discussion and information, along with as many different opinions as she had responders. (Pg. 10) And last but far from least, check out the first of many to come game audio columns. Post audio and game dialogue recording and editorial professional Garrett Montgomery MPSE, gives a great explanation of "The Importance of Properly Tailored Game Dialogue." (Pg. 8) Apologies to members who have tried reaching out through the Wavelength email address listed in previous editions, it is incorrect. The correct address is Wavelength@ You can also reach us through our beloved office manager, Tracie Costabile. As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of Wavelength. CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Editor I MPSE Wavelength LETTER FROM THE EDITOR SUMMER 2023 M PS E Wav e l e n g t h FA L L Q UA RT E R LY 2 0 2 3 T H E O F F I C I A L P U B L I C AT I O N o f t h e M O T I O N P I C T U R E S O U N D E D I T O R S A CONVERSATION WITH MARK MANGINI WALKING ON THE WILD SIDE WITH CLIFF WALKERS' SUPERVISING SOUND EDITORS JIANG YANG and NAN ZHAO FROM GROUND ZERO TO EMMY AWARD SOLANGE S. SCHWALBE FALL 2023 O N TH E COVE R : Award- winning supervising Foley editor & supervising sound editor Solange S. Schwalbe MPSE

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