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22 M PS E . O R G he mission to interview Solange S. Schwalbe MPSE, more famously known as "Solange of Hollywood" in the sound industry, felt straight out of a Mission: Impossible movie and while the choice to accept the assignment had to be made in five seconds, it took me five months to figure out how I wanted to build the approach. I grew up being inspired by almost all of the filmmakers Solange had worked with, and this was a chance to look into the mirror and talk to someone whose work I had admired from afar. Having worked on more than 170 films, many of them iconic, like Die Hard, Speed, Goonies, Gremlins, Black Hawk Down, Solange says it is like it is when it comes to sound and life. BF: Can you tell us a little about your- self and the start of your journey into sound? SSS: I am from Los Angeles. I gradu- ated from UCLA in 1979. I received a Bachelor of Arts in motion picture/ television. At UCLA, they teach you the entire spectrum of filmmaking—from screenplay all the way to distribution. So, I had to write a script, film during production, edit picture, and do all of the post-production on a student film. I had to make a movie, and it turns out that I connected with post-production. So, I decided to do post-production on other students' thesis films. UCLA was an incredible experience. When I graduated in 1981, I got the opportunity to work at ABC-TV. It was the last network to use 35mm film. I was there for three years. It was during this time, I joined the East Coast Editors Hollywood T Solange S. Schwalbe BY BAYLON FONSECA MPSE Tahoe

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