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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S 21 what they will with images the AI has created, AND the AI art is modified by human hands, it is copyrightable. That was a few months ago, and that could have all changed by now! It's truly moving very fast in both the "Wow, this art is looking very realistic" and "Holy crap, we need to legislate this now in a reasonable way to get ahead of bad actors" ways. Some of our artists have seen billboards in other countries that are clearly AI-created—their countries don't seem to care (yet?). We are still steering clear of using AI in finished products. I know it's being used early on when presenting ideas to clients, but we aren't using it in finished products because it cannot be vetted. We have to know that everything we're using in finished ads are legally able to be used, and the legislation isn't keeping up with the speed of AI's advancements in rendering. And for a non-visual opinion: "As a voice actor, this freaks me out how near-realistic the voices are, and how well people's voices can be mimicked. It's terrifying. This isn't something as obvious and stylistically applied as autotune." From Pro Tools expert: "To replace creatives with AI, clients will need to accurately describe what they're looking for. We're safe." Nedem Z.: "The only difference is that AI will understand the description better than us, so we lose either way." Laurie H.: "Imagine how AI will respond to the classic,'I am not a music person, it just doesn't work. It needs something more.'" One can only imagine. Dialogue Detective (me): Should we be afraid? Should we embrace this? Is it inevitable? "What you resist, persists." As in our other inevitable progress, like DAWs, we sigh, we groan—we don't like change! Then we embrace it and deal with it and keep making improvements so that we can retain our creativity and human-ness. That is my hope. But I do wonder, how AI would handle someone telling it: "I want this sound to be more RED." I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences about or with AI. You can email me at DEAR DIALOGUE DETECTIVE • DIALOG EDITORIAL / MASTERING / QC • LOCALIZATION MASTERING • SOUND DESIGN IN-GAME, CINEMATIC • MIXING (7.1) • QUALITY CONTROL • ASSET MANAGEMENT PACIFICCOASTAUDIOPOST.COM PACIFIC COAST AUDIO POST LLC GAME AUDIO SPECIALISTS

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