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Winter 2023

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"I always like to work wi people who and value what costume designers do." Jenny Eagan, costume designer for the new star-studded Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mys- tery, has a career path defined by opportunities taken. Although she did not formally study costume design, her many award-winning projects feature characters who leap off the screen, thanks in no small part to her costumes. Who would have thought a girl from Independence, Missouri would end up in this profession? "Certainly not my Mom," laughs Eagan. "I wanted to be a middle-school teacher to make a difference. Halfway through college, I switched to textile marketing and merchandising because I love clothes, but never knew that could lead to working in the entertainment industry." Post-graduation, Eagan drove cross country to live in San Diego, where she became 'excellent on roller- blades' before following friends to Los Angeles. She joined a temp agency and her first interview was for a low budget film. As fate would have it, Mary Zophres was the costume By Bonnie Nipar 32 THE COSTUME DESIGNER | WINTER 2023

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